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The private lab of Matt and Wendy Venturas is located in an isolated cliffside just outside of Horizon. Inside, they perform all their most dangerous experiments, far from any people in case anything goes wrong (and with Wendy, that happens more than she likes to think). Originally scouted as a possible location for the Combat Zord Holding Bay, it's now used as an alternate base of operations for the Cyber V Rangers, but primarily as a storehouse for the Techno Roverzord and the Techno Rangers' extra equipment. It also contains a vast array of scanning equipment, allowing the Twins and anyone else present to monitor the entire planet for signs of trouble from Kalask.

The lab can be accessed via teleportation or through a portal hidden in an isolated and generally unused section of Fort Myers. The trip can be taxing for first time travellers if they're not ready for it.

For the duration of "Operation T," the Twins made and executed their plans from the lab as well, and they shut it down when they decided to abandon the project. It was subsequently brought back online and has remained in service since. The Lab's operational status is essential to the functioning of the Techno Ops.

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