Urisus of Aquitar is the former Slate Hourglass Ranger, and currently deceased.


Urisus was the eldest in a small family on Aquitar, and always possessed great physical ability, particularly in coordination and balance. He struggled with telepathy at first, but eventually became a talented and creative telepath. When Hourglass Facility put out a request for alien Ranger volunteers, Urisus was accepted at once.

Urisus adjusted rapidly to life on Earth, especially after the development of a serum that enabled him to spend time there without needing to rehydrate constantly. He also began a tentative relationship with one of the human scientists in the Facility, Jody Okoro, which was cut short by the Akra attack, in which she was captured.

Urisus actually escaped the initial invasion of Hourglass Facility, managing to remove a few more Akra on his own.  But then the Akra tricked him with a decoy and captured him in spite of his best efforts.

The Akra Queen informed him that she was going to use his telepathic abilities to manage her growing Akra forces. When Urisus resisted, she ordered her scientists to remove his brain and put it in stasis, using it as a kind of surge suppressor for the Akra Queen to insulate her from the hivemind. Xanthe later accessed and took over this role in order to use it against the Akra.


Urisus was the most controlled member of the team, always very logical and quick-thinking.  He did have a mischievous streak, though, which led to him and occasionally Oberon playing pranks on the others.


  • Punjab Lasso
    • Phantom Noose
  • Hourglass Revolver
  • Portal Pointer
  • Pocket Dimension


Urisus was the Aquitian equivalent of Asian, with olive-colored skin and slanted black eyes.

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