Starstrike is a work of fanfiction based on Power Rangers. It uses PR canon through Power Rangers Mystic Force and integrates most of the concepts from Amit Bhaumik's unused season concept, Power Rangers Hexagon.


It's 2019, and the universe is under threat from every side. When SPD failed to clear out Onyx in 2007, the long-standing stronghold of evil began churning out more thieves and mercenaries than ever before. Rumor has it that a being who calls himself Emperor has been conquering pre-industrial planets in distant galaxies. And now, KO-82 has been attacked by an unknown force and all communications blocked; there are believed to be no survivors. After the Hexagon debacle, the people of Earth no longer trust the Power, but one Xybrian scientist may be able to build a new team of Rangers in time to stem the tide of destruction...

Prominent Ranger teams


  • Earth
  • Other planets
  • Helix Nebula
  • Other "dimensions"
    • Island of Illusion
    • Shadow World (Lightspeed villains)
    • Mystic Realm
    • Underworld (Mystic Force villains)

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