Spectral Sentai Ghostranger - (Phantom Sentai Ghostorenjia) translated as Ghost Sentai Phantomranger a Fan-Made season of Super Sentai. it's a Ghost/Animal sentai themed season


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Five heroes from different dojo's of knowledge of the supernatural come together and become one dojo to combat the forces of evil. However, with their sensei/Instructor Master Daiga (Former Ghostranger) told them that an ancient evil will rise again called the Specter Demons a nightmarish evil version of past warriors of ancient times of great warriors who once fought and vanquished this evil and it's warlords who come from an ancient civilization to claim the animal power stones for ultimate power those five heroes stand in the way against them to combat the Specter Demons and save the world from utter annihilation.



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Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
color role
Ghost Red Kidouma
Ghost Blue Kotohime
Ghost Green Shirohime
Ghost Black Fuutaryu
Ghost Yellow Garusha
Ghost Gold Dorduruga
width="20 style="background-color:silver"|<font color="black>Robo/Fighter Phantom Ghost

Jikan Sentai Kodaiunger (Team Up)

color role
Kodai Red Nako Hakui
Kodai Black Cariku Xai
Kodai Blue Maoau Parui
Kodai Yellow Yui Nudasio
Kodai Pink Suki Heiao
Kodai Gold Prince Leki of Falcon
Kodai Orange Hariou Sejiou
Kodai Purple Yuha Changoi
Future Warrior Future Warrior
width="20 style="background-color:silver"|Titanium Warrior Fighter Titanium Warrior Fighter

Kamen Rider Ghost

color role
Kamen Eider Ghost Takeru Tenkuji
Kamen Rider Specter Makoto Fukami
Kamen Rider Necrom Alain

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

color role
width="20 style="background-color:red"|Shinken Red Shiba Takeru
width="20 style="background-color:blue"|Shinken Blue Ikenami Ryunosuke
width="20 style="background-color:green"|Shinken Green Tani Chiaki
width="20 style="background-color:yellow"|Shinken Yellow Hanaori Kotoha
width="20 style="background-color:hotpink"|Shinken Pink Shiraishi Mako
width="20 style="background-color:gold"|Shinken Gold Umemori Genta
width="20 style="background-color:red"|Princess Shinken Red Shiba Kaoru

Juken Sentai Gekiranger

color role
Geki Red Jan Kandou
Geki Yellow Ran Uzaki
Geki Blue Retsu Fukami
Geki Violet Gou Fukami
Geki Chopper Ken Hisatsu


  • Master Daiga
  • Phantom Ghost
  • Professor Tanba
  • Temple Guardians
  • Kamen Rider Ghost
  • Jikan Sentai Kodaiunger
  • Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
  • Juken Sentai Gekiranger
  • Kamen Rider Riddle
  • Billy The Kid
  • Robin Hood
  • Nobunaga
  • Musashi
  • Benkei

Specter Demon Army

  • Specter King Daidra
  • Specter Queen Heartra (wife of King Daidra and in love with GhostGreen after her husbands death at the end)
  • Specter General Talboro
  • Wing Specter Deimoseous
  • Specter Princess Washiri (falls in love with GhostBlue at the end)
  • Specter Hound Daburo
  • Demon Specter Warrior Groudox
  • Infernal Specter Sharkodon
  • Cursed Specter Hexacross
  • Sinful Specter Hadrophia
  • SpecterRanger Clones (Specter Hawk, Specter Shark, Specter Panther, Specter Wolf, Specter Lion)
  • Specter Phantosma
  • PhantomWinger Soldiers
  • GigantSpecter Soldiers
  • DaiTengu Soldiers
  • Gigant Soul Soldiers
  • Gigant Warrior Soldiers

GhostKing Robo

  • Spectral GhostKing Robo
  • KingCobra Robo
  • Spectral KingCobra Robo
  • PhantomKing Ghost Robo
  • Spectral PhantomKingCobra Robo

Specter Warrior Kings

  • 1 Tutankhamen
  • 2 Dograzio
  • 3 Abrotanta
  • 4 Ghosta
  • 5 Heptolax
  • 6 Astra
  • 7 Amukulu
  • 8 Magnorar
  • 9 Daishingen
  • 10 Gorgolo
  • 11 Takaba
  • 12 Toraba
  • 13 Zouba
  • 14 Bataba
  • 15 Hangoro
  • 16 Doraba
  • 17 Latoba
  • 18 Voltabo
  • 19 Sarato
  • 20 Borusha
  • 21 Sasutaka
  • 22 Chosha
  • 23 Hawkstra
  • 24 Liostra
  • 25 Sharstra
  • 26 Wolfstra
  • 27 Panthastra
  • 28 Gaiotro
  • 29 Brasio
  • 30 Mugyo

Spectral World of Warlords

  • Warlord Daastra of Fire
  • Warlord Daikishi of Nature
  • Ghostly Warlord Specter Biastra of Wind
  • Warlord SpecterKnight
  • Warlord Dashio SpecterKnight


  • Daishinkan Warrior Knight
  • Daishinkan Warrior Priestess


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Transformation Devices

  • Transformation Ghost Brace
  • Cobra Revolver Ghost Brace
  • Phantom Magnum Changer

Multi-Use Devices

  • Ghost Keys
  • Cobra Ghost Key Grip


  • Ghost Eye Blaster
  • Cobra Magnum Laser
  • Phantom Blaster

Individual Weapons & Team Weapon

  • Ghost Eye Bazooka
  • Hawk Blade
  • Shark Wargun
  • Panther Claw
  • Wolf Blasters
  • Lion Staff
  • Cobra BladeBow
  • Phantom Warblade

Other Weapons

  • KingCobra Scythe
  • Phantom Jackblade

Power-Up Mode

  • GhostVTector (Debut Phantom 41)


Main Article: Mecha (Ghostranger)

Spectral Ghost System

  • Spectral Gattai GhostOh
  • Ghost Hawk 1
  • Ghost Shark 2
  • Ghost Panther 3
  • Ghost Wolf 4
  • Ghost Lion 5
  • KingPhantom GhostOh
  • KingCobra Ghost
  • Phantom TriBlazer
  • Spectral Gattai KingPhantomOh
  • Ghost Hawk 1
  • Ghost Shark 2
  • Ghost Panther 3
  • Ghost Wolf 4
  • Ghost Lion 5
  • KingCobra Ghost
  • Phantom TriBlazer
  • Spectral Gattai KingPhantomOh Ha-Oh
  • Ghost Hawk 1
  • Ghost Shark 2
  • Ghost Panther 3
  • Ghost Wolf 4
  • Ghost Lion 5
  • KingCobra Ghost
  • Phantom TriBlazer
  • Ghost Rhino


  • Ghost Fox
  • Ghost Bison
  • Ghost Eagle
  • Ghost Giraffe
  • Ghost Gorilla
  • Ghost Jaguar
  • Ghost Tiger
  • Ghost Whale
  • Ghost Rhino
  • Ghost Crow
  • Ghost Elephant
  • Ghost Dino

Alternate Combinations

  • Spectral Gattai GhostOhFox Formation (Weapon Javelin)
  • Spectral Gattai GhostOhBison Formation (Weapon Axe)
  • Spectral Gattai GhostOhEagle Formation (Weapon Slasher)
  • Spectral Gattai GhostOhGiraffe Formation (Weapon Spear)
  • Spectral Gattai GhostOhGorilla Hammer Formation (Weapon Hammer)
  • Spectral Gattai GhostOhJaguar Formation (Weapon Claws)
  • Spectral Gattai GhostOhTiger Formation (Armor)
  • Spectral Gattai GhostOhWhale Formation (Armor)
  • Spectral Gattai GhostOhRhino Formation (Armor)
  • Spectral Gattai GhostOhCrow Formation (Armor)
  • Spectral Gattai GhostOhElephant Formation (Armor)
  • Spectral Gattai GhostOhDino Formation (Armor)
  • Spectral Gattai GhostOhDinoFox Formation (Armor-Weapon)
  • Spectral Gattai GhostOhElphantBison Formation (Armor-Weapon)
  • Spectral Gattai GhostOhCrowEagle Formation (Armor-Weapon)
  • Spectral Gattai GhostOhRhinoGiraffe Formation (Armor-Weapon)
  • Spectral Gattai GhostOhWhaleGorilla Formation (Armor-Weapon)
  • Spectral Gattai GhostOhTigerJaguar Formation (Armor-Weapon)

Movie Exclusives

  • Jikan Spectral Gattai KodaiGhostOh
  • Spectral Gattai GhostOhDrill


Phantom 1 The Ghostly Appearance Ghostranger

Phantom 2 Specters of the Lost Raid

Phantom 3 The Day of the Departed

Phantom 4 Double Trouble sibling Rivalry

Phantom 5 Let Sleeping Ghosts lie

Phantom 6 A Place to be but not forgotten

Phantom 7 Raiders of the Tomb the Tomb Robbers

Phantom 8 Beyond what is real and not Real

Phantom 9 A Specter in the Machine

Phantom 10 To be True or the Not so Friendly

Phantom 11 The Fate of a Ghostly Future

Phantom 12 Another Ghostranger Friend or Foe

Phantom 13 A Siren of the Matter A Keisatsu Resolve

Phantom 14 Ghostranger vs Patoranger A Ghostly struggle

Phantom 15 Disappearances of the Afterlife

Phantom 16 A Specter Princess the lovely Maiden Washiri

Phantom 17 Love at first Sight Princess Washiri and Ghost Blue

Phantom 18 Arrival of another Ghost Phantom Ghost

Phantom 19 No Mercy for the Unforgiving A King is seen

Phantom 20 A Ghost of another his name is Kamen Rider Ghost

Phantom 21 A Good works Done with Disaster

Phantom 22 Forever a Light Fades Don't look in the Light

Phantom 23 Between Light and Darkness pierce Through

Phantom 24 Between a Ghost a wall and a sound Body

Phantom 25 Warlords on the Scene A Devious Entrance

Phantom 26 Biastra of Wind The Warlord Specter

Phantom 27 In Time of Peril Dimensions Collide

Phantom 28 Of Samurai's and Ghost's A Path to Make

Phantom 29 A Ghostly Holiday Christmas

Phantom 30 In Time of Mourning the Afterlife Awaits

Phantom 31 Daikishi of Nature & SpecterKnight fallen disgrace

Phantom 32 All HallowGhostly Eve the dead rises

Phantom 33 SpecterKnight Dashio the strategist endgame

Phantom 34 Daastra of Fire Warlord of Destruction 1

Phantom 35 Downfall the Fall of the Warlords 2

Phantom 36 Warrior Kings assemble Depart for Human World

Phantom 37 A GhostBlack Birthday Bash to remember

Phantom 38 In Teams of Five Warrior Kings vs Ghostranger

Phantom 39 In Times of Peril Win it Risk it or Lose it all

Phantom 40 The Specter King makes a Scene King Daidra

Phantom 41 More Power A Ghostly Power Up

Phantom 42 Second Wave Warrior Kings rally up

Phantom 43 Ghosts vs Warrior Kings second

Phantom 44 Round 2 fall of another 5

Phantom 45 Third Wave of Kings

Phantom 46 Ghosts vs Warriors Kings Third

Phantom 47 Round 3 the Kings Kingsmen

Phantom 48 Fourth Wave Advance defend the Temple

Phantom 49 Ghosts vs Warrior Kings Fourth

Phantom 50 Daishinkan Warriors and Kings

Phantom 51 Ghosts vs Warrior Kings

Phantom 52 Round 5 end is near

Phantom 53 Fall of the Daishinkan Warriors

Phantom 54 the Final Round Approaches Near

Phantom 55 of Kings and Ghosts Who will Prevail

Phantom 56 Ghostranger vs Warrior Kings

Phantom 57 Final Round Fall of the final Warrior Kings

Phantom 58 to the Specter's Homeworld

Phantom 59 Star-Crossed Lovers Ghostranger & Specters

Phantom Finale: Beyond The Veil A Specter King's Endgame


  • Special 1: Ghostranger vs Shinkenger A Festival of the Departed
  • Special 2 Transformation Lesson: Becoming a Ghostranger
  • Special 3 Ghostranger & Gekiranger: Of Ghosts and Martial Arts
  • Special 4
  • Special 5


  • Movie 1: Spectral Sentai Ghostranger vs Kamen Rider Ghost A Ghostly Showdown
  • Movie 2: Ghostranger vs Kodaiunger: The Movie: Mystery Ghost Dimension Adventure!
  • Movie 3 Spectral Sentai Ghostranger vs Super Sentai: Sentai Hero Taisen X
  • Movie 4 Ghostranger vs Kamen Rider Riddle: A Riddle of a Chance


  1. Spectral Sentai Ghostranger (Main Theme)
  2. Spectral Gattai GhostOh



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  • Spectral Sentai Ghostranger is based/inspired by the 2015 Kamen Rider series Kamen Rider Ghost but with an animal theme
  • GhostBlue & GhostGreen are the first two specters to betray their own kind and join the team as humans like Ressha Sentai ToQger ToQ Rokugou betraying his own and joining a human team