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Shinobi Strike
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Season 6, Episode 12
Vital statistics
Air date 5 February 2013
16 January 2014
Written by Thantosiet
Directed by Unknown
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Ice Queen Word on the Street

Shinobi Strike is the twelfth episode of Power Rangers: Lost Ninjas.


Korassil finally forces Nico to unveil his Zord, while on the ground the civilians are rescued by an unknown Silver Ranger.

Full episode readable here.



Stone Nico Ramirez




  • Originally the Silver Ranger was supposed to join the trio in Palencia, but I realized there was only so much Nico could do alone, and technically he is the closest to the newcomer's original location.
  • Originally this episode was the fourteenth (coming after Word on the Street and The Rescue Mission), but it was switched afterwards to keep the cycle of teams straight.
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