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Map of the city.

Scrimshaw is a city in the Southland Region, on the southern island of New Zealand, and the home of the Season Ninja Academy.


Scrimshaw is an inland city, mostly surrounded by forests (primarily those of McAllistair Park), broken up by mountains and fjords. It tends to be wet and green, but with generally mild weather.


Scrimshaw was founded by Scottish colonists in the 1830's, named by whalers. Its history was remarkably uneventful, up until the aftermath of World War II, in which a number of immigrants set up the Season Ninja Academy in--or rather, underneath--the city. Thanks in particular to the Spring Ninjas, the city's medical facilities became well-known, and for a while were the main external draw aside from tourism. In the early 2000's the town became the host of a few small film studios, but many of these withdrew when the monster invasions began in 2003.

Significant Residents

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