Royal Sentai Knightranger is the 39th season of Super Sentai to be aired in 2015. Footage from this series will be used in Power Rangers Knight Charge.


In present day Japan, five high school students are being trained in martial arts and Medieval knight sword fighting. One day, a tyrant by the name of King Crown invades with a legion of Knight Bots and Royal Guards, attempting to take over the world! The student's teacher, Master Bladehilt, reveals he was training them to become the Royal Sentai Knightranger to stop King Crown. Armed with their Chivalry Swords and Valiant Changers, the Knightrangers must save the world!


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Red Knight Sir Geoffrey
Pink Knight Lady Mira
Blue Knight Sir Robert
Yellow Knight Lady Lenna
Green Knight Sir Joseph
Paladin Knight Sir Arthur

Extra Rangers

Princess Knight Princess Crown
Shining Knight Master Bladehilt

Extra Heroes

FellSword Vagabond
Royal Guard ShieldMan

Team History


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Transformation devices


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