Rosuto Ninpū Tankyūger, or "Lost Ninja Quest Ranger," is the Sentai series off which Power Rangers: Lost Ninjas is "based."



Berugu Academy

Designation Name
Stone Naoko Hideki
Metal Keiji Hideki
Mineral Springs Tomi Hideki

Shiki Academy

Designation Name
Summer Minako Asa

Akari Academy

Designation Name
Lifelight Yoshi Ino

Ikiryō Academy

Differences and Similarities Between Adaptations
Power Rangers: Lost Ninjas Rosuto Ninpū Tankyūger
The Three Terra Ninjas are fellow students at Terra Ninja Academy. The three Berugu Ninjas are brothers and sons of the Sensei.
The Blue Ranger is a rebel who steals his morpher; Purple is a girl who fights back and is punished by being turned into a monster; Red and Black were convinced to join after the school's surrender. Berugu Blue is the favorite youngest son of the Sensei whom he helps to escape; Purple was killed in battle against the villains; Red and Black joined them willingly, feeling betrayed and wanting revenge.
Chiratheon is a water demon trapped in a Himalayan lake by the Ethereal Ninjas. Chiratheon is a water demon and the long-lost father of Xumara and Tauza's counterparts.
The Diamond and Sapphire Rangers successfully rescue Gold from the space ninjas on their first attempt. IkiryōDiamond and Sapphire are captured in their first attempt, and the trio take the time to work through some grievances.
The White Ranger is a sociopath who was put into a mental institution and later escaped. She and the Orange Ranger got along as friends. ShikiWhite was an independent thinker kicked out of the school for her unorthodox methods; she and Orange developed a romantic relationship.
Yellow Ranger Sienna was an abandoned child in foster care, the friend of Alice Harod, who worked as a waitress in her uncle's cafe. ShikiYellow Minako worked in her family's restaurant.
Several Ninja Zords were never used by Rangers, only the villains as their users were captured. Several Ninja Zords were used by both other factions of Rangers and the villains.


  • This series does not actually exist--it was created to make the series seem more like an actual season of Power Rangers, and to generate made-up trivia for each chapter of Lost Ninjas. However, the idea is up for adoption if another writer wants to take it.
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