Rider Wars is the third film in the Hero Wars Series and is a crossover between the Masked Rider series and the Kamen Rider and Neo-Rider series', and will also feature some Power Ranger members.


The Riders are usually fighting in order to protect their worlds, but this time around they are fighting each other. It seems like the fighting is connected to a secret alliance with Count Dregon's and Xaviax's forces. Masked Rider, Dex Stewart, is trying to defeat the alliance and in order to do that he must defeat Feudal Rider Orange. Dregon and Xaviax are using monsters from different series and are trying to continue where Shocker left off. The Express Squad and Dino Charge Rangers and Tommy Oliver will be joining the fight to protect world peace.


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Masked Rider Warriors
Masked Rider Dex Stewart
Masked Rider Warrior Leader Masked Rider Warrior Leader
Masked Rider Warrior #2 Masked Rider Warrior #2
Masked Rider Warrior Commander Masked Rider Warrior Commander
Sky Rider Sky Rider
Masked Rider V3 Masked Rider V3
Riderman Riderman
Masked Rider X Masked Rider X
Masked Rider Amazon Masked Rider Amazon
Strongman Strongman
Masked Rider Z-Cross Masked Rider Z-Cross
Kamen Riders & Neo-Riders
Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Kit Taylor
Kamen Rider Wing Knight Len ► Tommy Oliver ► Len
Kamen Rider Incisor Ian
Kamen Rider Torque Chance ► Drew Lansing ► Chance
Kamen Rider Camo Van
Kamen Rider Strike Pryce ► James Trademore ► Pryce
Kamen Rider Thrust Cameron ► Brad Barrett ► Cameron
Kamen Rider Sting Quinn ► Chris Ramirez ► Quinn
Kamen Rider Axe Hunt
Kamen Rider Spear Chase
Kamen Rider Siren Kase
Kamen Rider Wrath Nolan
Kamen Rider Onyx Trent Moseley
Power Rider Marty Brown
Duo Rider
Philip / Sam Holmes
Trio Rider Evan Holmes
Astro Rider Marcus Armstrong
Feudal Rider Orange Dylan Nicholson
Secondary Riders
Beast Rider Emmett Lloyd
Accel Rider Drake Watson
Mach Rider J.D. Mendoza
Star Rider Neil Aldrin
Feudal Rider Bana Andrew Gordon
Other Riders
Uno Rider Sam Holmes
Mach Rider Proto Marco Gonzalez
Feudal Rider Drago Luke Johnston
Feudal Rider Canta Allen Stephenson

Power Rangers

  • Dino Charge
Dino Charge Red Lucas
  • Express Squad
Express Squad Red Kyle Jackson
Express Squad Blue Ben Hanson
Express Squad Yellow Ava Johnston
Express Squad Green Garrett Hanson
Express Squad Pink Sarah Johnston


Advent Master Eubulon
  • Maya Young
  • Trent Moseley
  • Michelle Walsh
  • Frank Taylor
  • Maye Bloomfield


  • The Alliance
    • Count Dregon
    • Xaviax
Feudal Rider Emperor Feudal Emperor
  • Ten-Faced Jungle Demon
  • Shador
  • Metamummy
  • Galaxacus
  • Serpen Knight
  • Destructosphere
  • General Schwartz
  • Monsters
    • Scorpionos
    • Cactiron
    • Ghoster
    • Salaman
    • Aquasect
    • Lizard of Poison
    • Jaguarman
    • Sawsharg
    • Chameleo
    • Crabby Bat
    • Turtalo
    • Suddendath
    • Cobrakai
    • Metahorn
    • Jagua-Squid
    • Shocker Demon
  • Soldier
    • Shocker Combatmen
    • Combat-Roids
    • Maggots
    • Commandoids
    • Minions
    • White Minions
      • Blue Minions