The Pra'Meths (Prah-Meeths) are a race of hostile aliens who serve as the main villains of Kamen Rider Pecos


Traveling from Tau Ceti, the Pra'meths came to Earth searching for the belt-wielding warriors known as the Kamen Riders. They viewed humans as a threat to their military superiority and attacked the planet. Eventually, the world leaders in an act of cowardice, surrendered the Earth to them and they used the planet as a weapons testing facility.

  • War Minister Rizcott
  • Captain Gata


Plasmids are humans that are enhanced with Pra'meth technology, genetic mutation and performance enhancing chemicals. They consist of soldiers of fortune, the wealthy elite, and cowardly politicians who wanted to be spared from the onslaught of weapons testing by swearing their loyalty to their military or simply betrayed the human race for other selfish goals.


Dorugs are the creations of Kubick, they are humanoid battle drones that have sophisticated A.I. and multiple combat applications.


  • The Pra'meths are named after Greek Titan Prometheus, who is often symbolically associated with the dangers of progress, science and bringing fire to mankind.