Power Rangers: Cyber V is a series written by Aaron 'CyberV' Thall, currently in script format, and an "adaptation" of Multiverse Sentai CyberV. It is set in the year 2125 in a merged universe, combining both Prime and Gamma.


A new team must be gathered to face an interdimensional warlord and protect all of reality. But they face conspiracies within and without, a fractured team infrastructure, and impossible odds. But they are the only ones that can save the Prime Reality...




Color Name
Red Jeremy Simms
Yellow Anya Maize
Blue Jake Taylor
Green Walter Jenkins
Pink Cindy Cook
Grey Wendy Venturas
Purple Matt Venturas


Designation Name
Mighty Morphin' Red Jason Lee Scott
Zeo Green Adam Park
Turbo Green Carlos Vallerte
Space Blue TJ Johnson
Magna Defender
Orange Lightspeed Jane Mitchell (alternate universe)
Time Force Quantum Eric Myers
Wild Force Yellow Taylor Earhardt
Ninja Storm Blue Tori Hanson
Dino Yellow Kira Ford
Mystic Pink Vida Rocca
Overdrive Pink Rose Ortiz
Jungle Fury Wolf RJ
RPM Silver Gemma
Samurai Red Jayden Shiba
Super Megaforce Silver Ranger Orion
  • Hourglass Rangers
Color Name
Cerulean Garfield Brooks
Harlequin Zanna Mitchell
Fulvous Isinia Cruger



Left to right: Thrak, Midnai, Kalask, Emeralde, Tem-Tar, a Dread.


  • Cybrilla
  • Neutron
  • Munch
  • Giant Spider (off-screen)
  • Assassin
  • Precious
  • The Fiddler
  • Master of Weapons
  • BoaKahn
  • Infiltrator
  • Tange
  • RedLine
  • Emoti-Con
  • WarMace
  • Spike
  • Tigress 2.0
  • Tigress 3.0
  • Elimigator
  • Stakefist
  • Tigress 1.0 (flashback)
  • Duplicator
  • Kurse
  • Hellion
  • Youthinizer
  • Spirit Drinker
  • Mindscape
  • Futuro
  • Terrible Trio
    • Aquos
    • Crusher
    • Cinder
  • Reaver
  • Porcu-Punisher
  • Masstruction
  • Gatekeeper/Supreme Gatekeeper
  • Terror Toad 2.0
  • Bounty
  • SkullHound and the Scourgehounds
  • Hurricane/Koji Harada
  • Dark Kyubizord/Dark Battlezord
  • SlaveDriver


CV Logo

Series Logo

  • Cyber Ops
  • Cyber Cycles
  • Cyber Blaster
    • Scanner Blade
    • Input Staves
    • Output Cannon
    • Protection Shield
    • Disk Launcher
  • Data Shields
  • Data Rays
  • Data Blades
  • Cyberrang
  • Cyber Annihilator
  • Pegasus Summoner
  • Techno Ops
  • Techno Thrust
    • Techno Lasher
    • Techno Grapple
  • Kaze Morpher
  • Infinite Kunai
  • Battle Board
  • Code Rover
  • Techno Flyer

Combat Zords

Legend: ◆ pilot Zord, ✶ team-piloted Zord, ❖ aux Zord, ➲ carrier Zord

  • Cyber Combat Megazord (Blast, Rider, and Blastrider Modes) ✶
  • Cyber Rush Megazord ✶
    • Razor Bat
    • LightTank
    • MortarTread
    • BlastTruck
    • WeatherTrain
  • CV Transport/Hyper Rush Megazord
  • Techno Roverzord/Techno Artillery Megazord (Blast, Rider, BlastRider Modes) ✶
  • Techno Rush Megazord ✶
  • Techno Razor Megazord ✶
  • Kyubizord/Kyubi Battlezord
  • Cyber Artillery Megazord ✶
  • Victory Megazord ✶
  • Pegasuszord/Equis-Wing Megazord
  • Victory Ultrazord ✶


Cyber V Episode List
# Episode Title Upload Date Summary
1. Cyber Ops Energize!, Part 1 14 July 2010 Anya Maize arrives in the Prime Reality with a warning. General Sauder collects the Venturas Twins. Ten years later, S.P.D. begins recruiting Cyber V Rangers, but is attacked early by Kalask's forces.
2. Cyber Ops Energize!, Part 2 The Venturases face off against Emeralde, but are badly injured, forcing their substitutes to join the team, and Cyber V is born.
3. Razor Bat Tensions mount between the teammates, and Jake's attempt to get himself in Wendy's good graces puts him in the crosshairs of Tem-Tar's monster, Cybrilla.
4. Unite For Combat Thrak decides to use Neutron, a massive nuclear bomb, against the Cyber V Rangers, forcing them to activate the other Combat Zords.
5. Vengeance Anya's past comes back to haunt her as Munch, an old enemy, is sent by Kalask to devour Horizon.
6. The Problem With Secrets The Rangers hold a press conference to reveal their identities, causing Kalask to send Assassin to take care of them, along with the President of the United States, who has just revealed the twins' secret to the Rangers.
7. The Dream Wendy's depression makes Cindy doubt herself even further. Taking advantage of the team dysfunction, Midnai attacks the Rangers with magic and a fire-breathing dragon.
8. The Date Wendy and Jake's night on the town goes sour when Midnai tricks them into drinking enchanted wine, putting them under the Fiddler's spell.
9. The Master Of Weapons Kalask's most heavily armed monster all but defeats the Rangers in battle, giving them three days to prepare for a second, final match.
10. Money In Mouth Walter's family secrets are revealed as his father decides to persuade him into rejoining the family business. Meanwhile, Jeremy has a surprising encounter with his ex-girlfriend June
11. Love And Joy Kalask takes advantage of Matt and Mai's new relationship to steal some of his nanites, and his spy is revealed.
12. Sauder In Command Exasperated by the Rangers' lack of teamwork, Sauder takes over field command of the team, trying to force military tactics on the group. The Twins activate the mysterious Operation T in response.
13. The Quick And The Red Jeremy is targeted by Kalask's newest monster, Redline, and must fight to save his friends (and an old flame) from being quantum-locked for eternity.
14. The EmotiCon Job Jeremy and Cindy's budding relationship is soured by EmotiCon's new anger spell, setting the two against each other and everyone else.
15. Siblings The story of how Anya and the Twins came to be family comes to light; Anya and the Twins must battle Kalask's latest monster alone; An advisor for President Winters visits Fort Myers
16. Purple And Grey, Part 1 The Rangers discover that there are two mysterious new Rangers helping them in secret. Kalask sends the Tigress to ferret out the interlopers. The Twins decide to bring Operation T into the open.
17. Purple And Grey, Part 2 The mysterious Techno Rangers arrive to help the Rangers, making the team suspect the Twins until evidence shows that they were elsewhere.
18. Techno Artillery Kalask launches a new attack to draw out the Techno Rangers' Zord. The mystery surrounding the new Rangers deepens as they remove their helmets.
19. Truth With Consequences, Part 1 Kalask investigates the origins of the Techno Rangers. Thrak launches a two-pronged attack on the Rangers. Anya vanishes before the battle.
20. Truth With Consequences, Part 2 Anya reveals the truth to the Twins about the night their parents perished. The Rangers and Techno Rangers team up to fight a weapon-mimicking enemy.
21. Truth With Consequences, Part 3 Wendy has an intense encounter with General Sauder. A new monster targets the Techno Rangers, causing the truth behind them to come out. Cruger confronts the Twins.
22. Techno Ops Activation!, Part 1 The Twins prepare to leave the base and the Rangers behind. Cruger makes his move to take over the Ranger Project. Winters attempts to assassinate the Twins. Kalask arrives on Earth to battle the Rangers personally.
23. Techno Ops Activation!, Part 2 The Techno Rangers return to battle, assisting the others against Kalask. General Sauder makes a fateful decision. Alphabet Soup's attempt to kill the Twins continues. The full truth behind Operation T is revealed.
24. Ladies' Night The girls find themselves facing a misogynistic monster and Emeralde.
25. The Youth Revolt When a monster turns most of the Rangers into kids, Walter must battle the creature alone. The Twins chafe at being held back by Cruger.
26. Comrades Kevin, one of Anya's resistance comrades, mysteriously arrives in the Prime Reality as part of Tem-Tar's plot to upset Kalask's game.
27. Jake 2.0 Winters' attempt to use mind control to regain control of the Twins results in Jake getting a new attitude... and Wendy's affections?
28. Foresight Futuro, Kalask's sooth-sayer, arrives to test the Rangers, leaving behind several mysterious prophecies. Jeremy makes a big decision.
29. The Winds Of Change A new arrival from an alternate reality spells trouble for the Rangers and Kalask. Who is Tornado, and what does he want?
30. Winters Revealed Cruger reveals Winters' actions to the Rangers. Winters kidnaps a latent hybrid, forcing Cruger and the Twins into a rescue attempt. Wendy's growing mind-control phobia becomes a threat. The Rangers and Tornado join forces to battle an Alphabet Soup monstrosity.
31. Don't Look A Gift Horse When Razor Bat is damaged by a new monster, Jeremy must struggle to master the new Pegasus Summoner and the Pegasus Zord before it returns.
32. The Weight Of The World Alphabet Soup's latest attack on the Twins forces an unlikely alliance between the Rangers and Kalask. Wendy's phobia issues reach a crisis point.
33. Horizon War, Part 1: Lighting The Fuse Tornado attacks the Rangers as the first phase of his plan to destroy Kalask.
34. Horizon War, Part 2: Separation Anxiety With Alphabet Soup and Kalask battling each other, and the Rangers separated by Tornado, the team must try to reunite and stop the battle.
35. Horizon War, Part 3: Prophecies Fulfilled Futuro's most ominous prophecy seems to be coming to pass, and the Rangers must rush to rescue two of their own from a terrible fate. But when the unthinkable happens...
36. Reality Quake The Rangers must team up with a Ranger from an alternate reality to prevent an old enemy of the Lightspeed Rangers from rewriting the entire multiverse.
37. Winters' Discontent Winters is back and coming increasingly erratic. As she attempts to wipe Horizon off the map, the Rangers split up to deal with the threat on two fronts.
38. Revenge Of The Toad! Winters, now working with Kalask, teams with Midnai to revive the Terror Toad and eliminate the Rangers. Takuya and Anya become trapped in a time bubble.
39. For Mai Matt and Takuya are given a chance at atonement when Tem-Tar captures the Mai of an alternate reality and lures them onto the Shadow Claw.
40. Emeralde and the Old Man Emeralde finds herself at a crossroads following a battle, and contemplates leaving Kalask. Anya comes to terms with her rivalrywith Emeralde. Cindy attempts to teach Wendy how to do domestic work.
41. Hurricane 31 October 2012 Takuya's wayward brother Koji arrives in the Prime Reality and sets his sights on dismantling Takuya's new life.
42. The Breaking Point 4 July 2013 The core team finds itself trapped in a monster's arena as it tests their heroic spirit, while the others feverishly work to find them.
43. The Multiverse Crush Crisis 1 April 2015 A new villain starts interfering with the team, drawing in another set of heroes to stop her in an attempt to save the multiverse from collapsing in on itself.


  • Illustrations by Chris McFeely.
  • The Cyber V Rangers, like some fan-created Ranger teams, have completely identical helmets (outside of color).
  • Tigress is essentially Tigra from the Avengers, but a reality like DC's Earth 3, where the heroes are evil and the villains are good! She earned her place at Kalask's side by killing some of her world's greatest heroes... and a good chunk of her teammates as well.
  • Assassin was an evil version of Snake-Eyes from G.I.Joe. Since the real one is silent, this one talked a lot more.
  • The Megazord's Blast Mode is a direct nod to Artillatron's cannons. One of Wendy's nods to Ranger history.
  • Cyber Rush Megazord's chestplate is an intentional nod to the Lights of Orion armor from Galaxy Megazord.
  • Cyber Combat Megazord's Laser Fist is a direct nod to Ninja Megazord's finisher.
  • CV Transport/Hyper Rush Megazord is based off of Turbo from the Go-Bots!
  • Wendy's named after one of the author's cousins. Matt's comes after an old friend. Cindy's name comes from an ex-girlfriend. Jake was called Jack until SPD came out. Thomas Conner's named after the alias of another friend of the author.
  • Believe it or not: The author's had the Venturas Twins since the days of Power Rangers Turbo.
  • Tornado is actually the first character the author ever created, but, ironically, he wasn't given a real name or the Ranger elements until his addition to the PRCV cast, more than 18 years later.
  • Reality Quake actually includes a tongue-in-cheek crossover with both his first fanfic "Power Rangers Turbo/Techno Rangers", and his Yu-Gi-Oh! series "The Arcane Chronicles." The latter's one outstanding plot is even resolved in the chapter.
  • The original version of the Techno Rangers saga was actually written in 2001-2002, and used by the author as his Senior Writing Project in college.
  • The nicknames the Rangers adopt partways through the series were inspired by the ones from Engine Sentai Go-Onger.
  • Kurse is based on Freaky Tiki from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, and is even used in a similar manner, helping put a stop to a rogue element.
  • The T-Slash attacks used by the Techno Rangers were inspired primarily by JB's finisher on VR Troopers.
  • The Techno Rangers' superspeed slashing is a direct homage to the White Drago Ranger.

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