Power Rangers Cyber Force is a team that was created by the RangerVision member Orangefalcon, adapted from Choudenshi Bioman, for the fanfic written by DigiRanger, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Megaforce.


Years ago the planets of Asphidire, Triforia, Aquitar, Eltar, Inquiris, Liaria and Phaedos built an alliance between each other and constructed a magical contact within the range of each planet. The planets of Aquitar and Phaedos however concentrated on their own powers and built their defenses using teams of power rangers.

The ancient warriors known as the Santians and their Leader Xinophen wrecked planets across galaxies and navigated their way across the ancient pass way between galaxies to the milky way where they came across the 7 planets under the alliance. The peace of the galaxy was broken by war waged between good and evil. To defend the galaxy and to rein peace, Dulcea called on the powers of the ninjetti and used animal spirits to keep the warriors at bay and Aquitar used its Morphers to fight back. But when power wasn’t enough, the technicians of Eltar and Inquiris built five morphers and 5 warriors were supplied from the planets of Eltar, Asphidire, Triforia, Inquiris and Liaria to don the great power and defend the 7 planets under alliance.

And the 5 rangers used the morphers to defend the 7 powerful planets and in the process gained more powers and could rescue the ancient power from the hands of evil which was used by spell casters to secure the pass way between galaxies and put the seven planets in a stronger bond of magic.



Ranger Designation Name V1 Accept/Deny Name V2 Accept/Deny
Red Cyber Ranger Zarek Anleros (+) Zarek Anleros (+)
Green Cyber Ranger Erethro Melingos (+) Erethro Melingos (+)
Blue Cyber Ranger Kaplee Inchenis (+) Kaplee Inchenis (+)
Yellow Cyber Ranger Galephina Trios (+) Galephina Trios (+)
Pink Cyber Ranger Dalma Erikos (+) Dalma Erikos (+)


  • Ninjetti
  • Aquitar Rangers
  • Trey of Triforia
  • Phantom Ranger
  • Robot Rangers


  • Xinophen
Silver Cyber Ranger Sylar



  • Cyber Morphers


  • Cyber Blaster
  • Cyber Blade

Individual Weapons

  • Cyber Saber
  • Cyber Boomerang
  • Cyber Sword
  • Cyber Sonics
  • Cyber Bow
  • Cyber Shield
  • Cyber Beam
  • Nega Cyber Blaster

Team Weapon

  • Cyber Spear


  • Cyber Cycles
  • Cyber Rover


  • Cyber Dragon Carrier ➲
  • Cyber Megazord
    • Cyber Zord 1
    • Cyber Zord 2
  • Cyber Destroyer



  • After the initial posting of August 2007, much information was lost in a board crash. In an attempt to restore what had vanished, contributers were asked to repost the teams that they had helped create. Cyber Force was one of the few that had turned out exactly as it had been before.