Power Rangers: Neo Zeo, originally New Zeo, is a fanfiction by Thantosiet, also known as Michelle the Editor, and the first of her Power Ranger teams.  It was originally published February 8th, 2011, and completed April 27th of the same year.  Later it was altered into Neo Zeo, then taken down to be reworked. The revised version began on January 1, 2014 and ended on October 8th of the same year.  It is an "adaptation" of the Sentai Henkan Chōriki Ohranger.


In the year 1999, while the Galaxy Rangers defend Terra Venture, the ancient Zodiac Emperors are revived and make Earth their target.  Alpha 5, having returned to Earth, discovers the damaged Zeo Crystal and mounts a defense against the alien invaders, recruiting several humans to serve as the Neo Zeo Rangers.



Color Name
1 Sabrina Kawai
2 Casey Wildman
3 Violet Wildman
4 Lidian Byron
5 David Trueheart


Color Name
Red Leo Corbett
Yellow Maya
Blue Kai Chen
Green Damon Henderson
Pink Kendrix Morgan


Rose Erica Whitearrow
Orange Judith Wildman
Indigo Lance Wildman
Turquoise Hector Byron



  • Zeonizers


  • Zeo Laser Pistols 
    • Zeo Laser Blades 

Individual Weapons and Team Cannon

  • Zeo Power Disc
  • Zeo Power Double Clubs/Nunchuks
  • Zeo Power Axes
  • Zeo Power Hatchets
  • Zeo Power Sword


Legend:◆ pilot Zord, ✶team-piloted Zord, ❖ aux mecha

  • Zeo Megazord ✶
    • Zeozord I
    • Zeozord II
    • Zeozord III
    • Zeozord IV
    • Zeozord V
  • Zeo MegaBattlezord
    • Red Battlezord
  • Super Zeo Megazord ✶
    • Super Zeozord I
    • Super Zeozord II
    • Super Zeozord III
    • Super Zeozord IV
    • Super Zeozord V
  • Defender Wheel


  1. Aries: The Crystal Ignites
  2. Aries: Red Skies
  3. Aries: Teenagers with Attitude
  4. Taurus: First Test
  5. Taurus: Enter the Labyrinth
  6. Taurus: Mazes and Monsters
  7. Gemini: Brothers in Arms
  8. Gemini: Seeing Double
  9. Gemini: Liar, Liar
  10. Cancer: War Stories
  11. Cancer: Pink Revival
  12. Cancer: Creeping Death
  13. Leo: Invincible
  14. Leo: Making an Example
  15. Leo: Rangers Under Siege
  16. Virgo: Starstruck
  17. Virgo: Something in the Air
  18. Virgo: Green with Envy
  19. Libra: Pure Justice
  20. Libra: Trap or Treat
  21. Libra: Vengeance is Mine
  22. Scorpio: On the Horizon
  23. Scorpio: Scorpion Rain
  24. Scorpio: Sabrina's Choice
  25. Ophiuchus: Balance of Power
  26. Ophiuchus: Blitzkrieg
  27. Ophiuchus: Rangers Under Siege
  28. Sagittarius: Missing Blue
  29. Sagittarius: Farewell 1999
  30. Sagittarius: Living Ghost
  31. Capricorn: Not What It Seems
  32. Capricorn: Fight or Flight
  33. Capricorn: Crumbling Empire
  34. Aquarius: Snake Charming
  35. Aquarius: Backstabbing
  36. Aquarius: A Fishy Problem
  37. Pisces: All or Nothing
  38. Pisces: Horrorscope
  39. Pisces: Moving On


  • The original theme was playing card-based Rangers against chesspiece villains, which was why the original Rangers' names were based off of those used for faced cards in the medieval court.

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