Power Rangers: Lost Ninjas is a fanfiction by Michelle the Editor. It is set in 2003, during the events of Ninja Storm, and the characters have been recruited. It is an adaptation of the Sentai Rosuto Ninpū Tankyūger.


Lothor's empire of space ninjas didn't capture quite all of the schools they attacked. A few scattered students begin forming alliances with each other, to fight back, get home, or even destroy each other.



Designation Name Creator
Empathy Susana Callaghan Starwriter0303
Sound Kerri Long WolfsbaneX
Energy Easton Lewis storytyper2
Stone Nico Ramirez Michelle the Editor
Metal Reggie Anvil WolfsbaneX
Mineral Springs Dean Rider WolfsbaneX
Summer Sienna Lacy kandyapple12
Autumn Tyler Thorne Aquilla the Eagle
Winter Anya Barnes storytyper2
Magma Wyatt O'Hare WolfsbaneX
Flame Jess Walsh Rye Lee
Lifelight Rat Green WolfsbaneX
Shinobi Chris Slater neoangelius
Obsidian Alex Slater neoangelius



Generals of Lothor's space ninja empire.


  • ScanJammer
  • Pilot
  • Mommy Longlegs
  • Dr. Mesmer
  • Bl00dhound
  • Malwaria
  • Phantasmagoria
  • Zart's Fire Monster
  • "Red-Eyed Herring"
  • Dreamsnare
  • Glacia
  • Crystalis
  • Chameleoid
  • Solar Samurai
  • Schizofreak
  • Puppet Master
  • Petardier
  • Surgeon General
  • Macabrester
  • Recurse


Transformation Devices

  • Ethereal Morphers
  • Terra Morphers
  • Season Morphers
  • Earthlight Morphers
  • Shinobi Morpher
  • Obsidian Morpher


  • Ethereal Shuriken
  • Terra Bo
  • Season Tewhatewha
  • Earthlight Katana
  • Shuriken
  • Projection Blade
  • Sound Slicers
  • Morning Star
  • Stone Claws
  • Metal Suruchin
  • Geyser Blowgun
  • Sunbeam Daggers
  • Autumn Blasters
  • Frost Katana
  • Magma Knuckles
  • Dragon Arrow
  • Glow Jutte
  • Asamune
  • Shadow Swords


Legend:◆ pilot Zord, ✶ team-piloted Zord

  • Ethereal Megazord ✶
    • Pandazord
    • Batzord
    • Goldfishzord
  • Cougarzord
  • Screech Owlzord
  • Copperhead Snakezord
  • Season Megazord ✶
    • Kiwizord
    • Foxzord
    • Penguinzord
  • Earthlight Megazord ✶
    • Mongoosezord
    • Komodo Dragonzord
    • Fireflyzord
  • Tigerzord
    • Warrior Mode
  • Black Lionzord
    • Warrior Mode


  1. Four Academies
  2. Earthlight Burns
  3. Labyrinth of Stone
  4. Changing Seasons
  5. A Light on the Water
  6. A Journey in the Dark
  7. Rangers 1, Megazord 0
  8. Castle Ridge
  9. A Doctor in the House
  10. Finding the Scent
  11. Ice Queen
  12. Shinobi Strike
  13. Word on the Street
  14. The Rescue Mission
  15. Ranger Assassin
  16. The Tigers Come at Night
  17. Firestorm
  18. Bug Zapping
  19. Snowfall
  20. A Family Affair
  21. Red-Eyed Herring
  22. Nightmare Fuel
  23. Before Dawn
  24. Fissure
  25. Backwards and Upside-Down
  26. Vigilante Intervention
  27. Long-Lost Siblings
  28. High Noon
  29. Heroic Backlash
  30. Specter of the Past
  31. A Good Samaritan
  32. Shadow Strike
  33. Detours and Interruptions
  34. Awakening
  35. Fractures
  36. Secret Plans
  37. Xumara Revealed
  38. New Alliances
  39. Lost in the Past
  40. Trial by Fire
  41. Odd Couples
  42. Phobias Mortem
  43. Panicked Haste
  44. Chiratheon Unbound
  45. Smoke, Fire and Metal

^Originally, "Shinobi Strike" followed "Word on the Street" and "The Rescue Mission," but was switched in order to maintain update order.


  • The original concept for this story came from both an interest in creating alternate Ninja Academies (spawned by the author helping StarWriter0303 with a now-deleted fic), and watching JJB88 recruit characters multiple times for essentially an alternate version of canon.
  • Sensei Orual Ngapoi's surname is Nepalese, but her first name is that of the protagonist of C.S. Lewis's "Till We Have Faces."
  • The Alejandro is based mostly on the author's memories of a cruise ship she got to stay on a few years ago, albeit in the Mediterranean instead of the Caribbean.
  • Pilot is named after and somewhat resembles the character of Pilot from Farscape.
  • Palencia is named after the Spanish city, although by sheer coincidence there is a real city named Placencia not too far away from Palencia's location.
  • All minor students get their names from Seventh Sanctum's Quick Name Generator.
  • Most of chapter 12 was written for a school assignment several months prior to publishing.
  • Several of the original arsenal submissions were adapted from hand-to-hand weapons into Power Sphere attacks, such as the Sparrow Gun and the Goldfinch Sword.

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