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Oberon is the former Hourglass Amaranth Ranger, an android, and currently under the control of the Akra.


Oberon was created by Hourglass Facility, with plans based on Andrew Hartford's designs, to trick Akra, attracting them but incompatible with them.  As he was activated, the scientists discovered that his lack of a background gave him little to rely on for non-critical or moral judgements, or anything of a self-identity.  As his teammates helped him build memories, this problem faded, but it was never entirely overcome.  He was the most unpredictable of his team, except when it was actually time to deal with the Akra.

Oberon escaped the initial attack on Hourglass Facility, and deactivated several Akra in other timestreams.  However, he made the mistake of repairing his Portal Pointer, enabling the Akra to track and catch up to him.  Realizing that he had little time left, he began making his plans.

He was tracked to 1997, where he only just managed to set up a booby trap using one of Divatox's detonators before being attacked by the Queen. She was about to destroy him, but realizing that doing so would set off an explosion that would severely injure, possibly kill her, she instead took him "alive," reprogramming him and setting him in charge of something called the Ironwood Experiment.


Oberon was inconsistent.  He had poor social awareness beyond his programming, and often imitated those around him in an attempt to appear normal.  During his time as a Ranger, he developed into a calculating, risk-taking person.


  • Boomerangs
  • Hourglass Revolver
  • Portal Pointer
  • Pocket Dimension


Oberon has fair skin and platinum-blond hair, with ice-blue eyes and a muscular build. He was designed to appear appealing to Akra, making them more vulnerable to his attacks. As an android, he possesses unusual strength.

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