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"Ninjas Together, Racers Forever! Ninsoku Sentai Carninger!"
―Carninger announcing their arrival[src]

"Time For Drive"
―Pre-battle catchphrase[src]

"Race completed!"
―Post-fight catchphrase[src]

"Victory is ours, Carninger!"
―Victory catchphrase after Megazord fight[src]

Ninsoku Sentai Carninger (忍者戦隊カーニンガー -Ninja Sentai Kāningā), translated as Racing Squadron Car Ninja Ranger, is a 1st Fan-Made EX Super Sentai series. This series is about a 5 High School teenagers, who is training your ninja skills with the mentor and a teacher named Obdul Farrow, also known as Mr. Obdul. This series also introduces a new color scheme: red, brown, blue, cyan and pink. This is a racers & ninja themed series. This is the first series without green/black and yellow rangers. Brown ranger replaces Green/Black ranger. Cyan ranger also replaces Yellow ranger. This is the first Super Sentai Series with official Brown Ranger (not counting unofficial Shinken Brown in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger). This is the first series with first cyan ranger since Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger.

The series joined [[1]] in the Super Hero Time block on 05.03.2024. Following the final episode of [[2]], [[3]] joined Ninsoku Sentai Carninger in the block. After Carninger's finale, Jikan Sentai Kodaiunger joined Kamen Rider Kyoryuu in the Super Hero Time line-up. This show was also aired and dubbed in South Korea as Power Rangers Race Ninjas (파워 레인저 레이스 닌자 Pawaleinjeo Leiseuninja)

This is the first season to have a EX Super Sentai and Ultraman crossover.


In the year 2040 in future. World has been now in danger by religious sect named Mutiny who the leader is Chou King Grumm (later a leader is Dai Emperor Singe. Later Grumm turned good in the half of this series. Later he is killed by Singe, saving a team). 5 strong teenagers from High School of Lukas Podolski are training a ninja skills with teacher of lesson ninja called Mr. Obdul Farrow (played by Kel Mitchell, who also played Double G in Game Shakers) and robo assistant of teacher Xavier. Teens are getting a Nitro Phone and Ninja Pendrive for transform and a Ninja Vehicles. Now they will stand and fight with Mutiny as Ninsoku Sentai Carninger! In Speed 21: A New Member! ShinkuKishiDriver's Birth! Mr. Obdul and Xavier builded a Kishi Phone and Knight Pendrive to join to the team and helping a teenagers with a battle for good. In Speed 27: Big Time Tragedy! Goodbye KasshokuDriver! Akashi Hino, older brother of Eiji Hino (AkaDriver) and a younger brother, Hikaru Hino has been poisoned and killed by Gingakiller and it's Drug-Virus called Pray, protecting a brother. He was transported to hospital, but this virus was too strong, so Akashi during the ressurection by doctors is died after 30 minutes. Later he was replaced by Hikaru in Speed 28: A Young Revenge! New KasshokuDriver! In Speed 38: A New Chapter! AoDriver, ShianDriver & MomoDriver's Revolution! Sally Ozu leaves to China due to her Mom searched a job in this country. Gai Shiba replaces her and changed AoDriver's gender to male. Ran Mamiya also replaces him and changed ShianDriver's gender to female. Saya Hoshikawa replaces Ran and becomes MomoDriver.



Main Article: Carningers

Designation Role Actor Gender
AkaDriver #1 Eiji Hino Jr. (retired) > Hikaru Hino (promoted, then replaced) > Gai Shiba (promoted) Sota Fukushi > Keishiro Nagare > Masaki Suda Male
KasshokuDriver #2 Akashi Hino (deceased) > Hikaru Hino (promoted, then replaced) > Gai Shiba (promoted, then replaced) > Zigu Mashina (promoted) Hiro Mizushima > Keishiro Nagase > Masaki Suda > Haruma Miura Male
AoDriver #3 Sally Ozu (retired) > Gai Shiba (promoted, then replaced) > Aruto Hiden (promoted) Ruka Matsuda > Masaki Suda > Fumiya Takahashi Female/Male
ShianDriver #4 Gai Shiba > Ran Mamiya Masaki Suda > Yui Kato Male/Female
MomoDriver #5 Ran Mamiya > Saya Hoshikawa Yui Kato > Minami Tsukui Female
ShinkuKishiDriver #6 Obdul Farrow (retired) > Hikaru Hino (promoted) Kel Mitchell > Keishiro Nagare Male

Lost Rangers

Designation Role Actor Gender
KuroDriver #7 Kusega Mashita TBA Female
MidoDriver #8 Saishin Zatakoso TBA Male
KiDriver #9 Masumi Owatsu TBA Male
KinDriver #10 Sakayo Chisan TBA Female
DaidaiDriver #11 Natsuki Farrow Erina Nakayama Female

Special-Exclusive Rangers

Designation Role Fender
Go-On Orange #6 Kegalesia Female

Jikan Sentai Kodaiunger (Team-Up/Cameo Appearance)

Designaton Role Actor Gender
KodaiRed (Ancient Japan) Ryota Kurigi Kento Yamazaki Male
KodaiBlack (Ancient Egypt) Hiroto Tarkisuri Takuya Kimura Male
KodaiBlue (Ancient Greece) Kosuke Onyna Ryosuke Yamada Male
KodaiYellow (Ancient Yellow) Airi Husaruki Ayami Nakajô Female
KodaiPink (Ancient China) Yuna Dekarjiu Haruna Kawaguchi Female
KodaiGold (Ancient India) Falcon Prince Arshan Shota Matsuda Male
KodaiOrange (Wild West) Alonzo Tomohisa Yamashita Male
KodaiPurple (Seven Seas) Luna Keiko Kitagawa Female

Engine Sentai Go-Onger





Go-On Red Sosuke Esumi Yasuhisa Furuhara Male
Go-On Blue Renn Kousaka Shinwa Kataoka Male
Go-On Yellow Saki Rouyama Rina Aizawa Female
Go-On Green Hant Jou Masahiro Usui Male
Go-On Black Gunpei Ishihara Kenji Ebisawa Male
Go-On Gold Hiroto Sutou Hidenori Tokuyama Male
Go-On Silver Miu Sutou Yumi Sugimoto Female

Shuriken Sentai Ninninger





AkaNinger Takaharu Igasaki Shunsuke Nishikawa Male
AoNinger Yakumo Katou Gaku Matsumoto Male
KiNinger Nagi Matsuo Kaito Nakamura Male
ShiroNinger Fuuka Igasaki Yuuka Yano Female
MomoNinger Kasumi Momochi Kasumi Yamaya Female
StarNinger Kinji Takigawa Hideya Tawada Male

Kamen Rider Zero-One




Kamen Rider Zero-One
Aruto Hiden Fumiya Takahashi Male

Kamen Rider Connect





Kamen Rider Connect
Onatowa Hekigoa Taishi Nakagawa Male

Kamen Rider Kyoryuu

Designation Role Actor Gender
Kamen Rider Kyoryuu
Zigu Mashina Jr. Ryo Yokohama Male

Kamen Rider Drive





Kamen Rider Drive Shinnosuke Tomari Ryoma Takeuchi Male

Ultraman Giga (Team Up Crossover)

Designation Role Actor Gender
Ultraman Giga
Ultraman Sogan
Ultraman Hero
Ultrawoman Suna
TBA TBA Female


High School of Lukas Podolski

  • Chance Mazuka (Mr. Mazuka)
  • Mako Saishin (Ms. Saishin)
  • Kazin Gortan (Mr. Gortan)
  • Xavier (Full Name: Xav-77798)


  • Davin Mazuka (Son of Mr. Mazuka)
  • Goro Shiba (Gai's Father)
  • Urara Shiba (Gai's Mother)
  • Mazaku Hino
  • Eiji Hino Sr.
  • Retsu Ozu
  • Holly Ozu
  • Dai Hoshikawa
  • Momoko Hoshikawa
  • Maya Mamiya
  • Sam Mamiya
  • Takeru Shiba (Shinkenger) as a special guest star in Speed 36: Race with ShinkenRed! Day of Son & Uncle! (Special Team-Up episode)
  • Kaoru Shiba

Toku Heroes

  • Jikan Sentai Kodaiunger (Team-Up Movie/Cameo Appearance)
  • Soshi Sentai Ceroyuhger (EX Sentai World)
  • Kamen Rider Zero-One (VS Rider Movie)
  • Kamen Rider Kyoryuu (VS Rider Movie)
  • Kamen Rider Connect (VS Rider Movie)
  • Kamen Rider Drive (VS Special)
  • Ultraman Giga (Team Up Crossover)
  • Engine Sentai Go-Onger (VS Special)
  • Shuriken Sentai Ninninger (VS Special)


Religious Sect Mutiny

Other Villains Appearances (VS Movie)


Level W

  1. Clippanbro (First Monster)
  2. Soloman
  3. Zador
  4. Pady
  5. Vazer
  6. Carox
  7. Cosmo
  8. Lupinman
  9. Rullox
  10. Baxorot
  11. Stoper
  12. Wardo
  13. Eginsh
  14. Sando
  15. Raxina
  16. Orlen
  17. Mayozan
  18. Poof
  19. Foop
  20. Sarrinop
  21. Zokipu
  22. Placeholder
  23. Glitch
  24. Bingo
  25. Zorro
  26. Dakinosan

Level X

  1. Gingakiller (27-28)
  2. Carexanta (29)
  3. Sewantho (30)
  4. Tarzan (31)
  5. Delirox (32)
  6. Swapman (33)
  7. Pogardo (34)
  8. Sokingari (35)
  9. Dokoku Chimatsuri Jr. (36 Special Team-Up Episode)
  10. Karxinanox (37)

Level Y

  1. Vezando (38)
  2. Noxocan (39)
  3. Saxoka (40)
  4. Ultrazon (41)
  5. Gao-Rox (42)
  6. Blade (43)
  7. Vixor (44)
  8. Kaitosatsu (45)
  9. Spore (46 Christmas Monster)
  10. Zexawin (47)
  11. Fercontan (48)
  12. Kawiquox (49)

Level Z

  1. Ender (50-54)
  2. Finish (55-57)
  3. Killzone (58-64 Last Monster)
Kodaiunger VS Carninger
  • Sormarui (VS Movie)


Evil Rangers

Neo Sentai Antiranger

Main article: Antirangers

Designation Role Gender
AkaAntiDriver Kiloluzan Male
AoAntiDriver Gashitaita Male
ShianAntiDriver Olotoratoya Female
KasshokuAntiDriver Moyosontoki Male
MomoAntiDriver Salachonito Female
ShinkuKishiAntiDriver Toyunkalatona Male

Kajika Sentai Deathranger (Villain Movie)

Main article: Deathrangers





Death Red Thantarus TBA Male
Death Black Anahugsa TBA Male
Death Blue Umizamo TBA Male
Death Yellow Squgadirus TBA Female
Death Pink Bomatexa TBA Female
Death Gold Tenbaopa TBA Male

Other Evil Rangers

Designation Role Actor Gender
Dark AoDriver #3 Gai Shiba Masaki Suda Male
SatanDriver #666 Planet Yarn's Nero TBA Female
GoMetal TBA TBA Male

Arsenal + Mecha

Transformation Devices

Multi-Use Devices

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon

  • Trabant Blaster
  • Trabant Claws

Power-Up Mode

  • Dai Mode Armor
  • Titan AkaDriver Battlizer Mode
  • Gattai Mode


  • Carnin Blade
  • Carnin Laser
  • Kishi Blade
  • Kishi Laser

Team Cannons

  • Carnin Rocket
  • Kishi Cannon


  • Ninja BMX

Ninsoku Cars

  • Ninsoku Gattai Carnin-Oh
    • Red Trabant #1
    • Brown Maluch #2
    • Blue Poldek #3
    • Cyan Mustang #4
    • Pink Cooper #5
  • Shinku Henge Kishi-Oh
    • Crimson Knight Musso #6
    • Black Suzuki #7
    • Green Mercedes #8
    • Yellow Beetle #9
    • Gold Volvo #10
  • Dai KishiCarnin-Oh
  • Extreme KishiCarnin-Oh

Auxilary Cars

  • Black Suzuki #7
  • Green Mercedes #8
  • Yellow Beetle #9
  • Gold Volvo #10
  • Orange T-Rex DAF #11

Movie-Exclusive Cars

  • Ninja Car

Exclusive Cars

  • GaorangerCar 2001
  • HurricanegerCar 2002
  • AbarangerCar 2003
  • DekarangerCar 2004
  • MagirangerCar 2005
  • BoukengerCar 2006
  • GekirangerCar 2007
  • Go-OngerCar 2008
  • ShinkengerCar 2009
  • GoseigerCar 2010
  • GokaigerCar 2011
  • Go-BustersCar 2012
  • KyoryugerCar 2013
  • ToqgerCar 2014
  • NinningerCar 2015
  • ZyuohgerCar 2016
  • KyurangerCar 2017
  • LupinPatrangerCar 2018
  • RyusoulgerCar 2019
  • CarningerCar 2024
  • KodaiungerCar 2025
  • Tridoron RiderCar 2014

Other Mechas

  • Extraordinary KishiCarnin-Oh
  • Ninsoku Gattai SuzukiCarnin-Oh
  • Ninsoku Gattai MercedesCarnin-Oh
  • Ninsoku Gattai BeetleCarnin-Oh
  • Ninsoku Gattai VolvoCarnin-Oh
  • Ninsoku Gattai RyusoulCarnin-Oh
  • Ninsoku Gattai TridoronCarnin-Oh
  • Ninsoku Gattai RyusoulTridoronCarnin-Oh

Movie-Exclusive Mecha

  • Jikan Ninsoku Gattai CarninKodaiOh


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  65. Speed 65: Ninjas Together, Racers Forever! Pt.1
  66. Speed Final: Ninjas Together, Racers Forever! Pt.2


  1. Ninsoku Sentai Carninger The Movie: Race to the Cyberdark 2099!
  2. Ninsoku Sentai Carninger The Movie: Ninja Racers VS Orange Ranger!
  3. Ninsoku Sentai Carninger: Carninger Returns! Race in Neo-Apocalypse World
  4. Jikan Sentai Kodaiunger Vs Ninsoku Sentai Carninger: The Movie: Race On The Highway To Deathblood Of Hell!
  5. Ninsoku Sentai Carninger VS Kamen Rider Zero-One The Movie: Race with Rider on Galaxy!
  6. Ninsoku Sentai Carninger VS Kamen Rider Kyoryuu The Movie: Race on Planet Jumbo.


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Villain Movies:

  • Deathranger VS Antiranger: Demon Murderers and Evil Drivers War Of Evil!

Toku Movie Appearances

  • Super Hero Civil War Z: Apocalypse Of Doomsday!
  • EX Super Sentai World

Stage Shows 

  • to be added


  • Ninsoku Sentai Carninger! Time For Drive! (Opening Theme Song)
  • Time For Weekend! (Ending Song)
  • It's Racing Time! (Battle Song)
  • Speed Up! ShinkuKishiDriver! (ShinkuKishiDriver's Battle Song)
  • Start a Race! The Beast Carnin-Oh! (Mecha Battle Song)


  • Ninsoku Henshin! Speed Up! (Carninger's Henshin)

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