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Major Jambavan
Gender: Male
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Season: Power Rangers: Lost Ninjas
Type: Leader
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First Appearance: Trial by Fire
Last Appearance: Smoke, Fire and Metal
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Major Jambavan is a monster and former space ninja, an enemy of both Lothor's armada and the Rangers.

Character History

Jambavan was a respected commander when Korassil's father ruled the fleet, and became a commanding officer after his flagship collided with a comet. While Korassil was still a child, Jambavan plotted a military coup against him, but forces loyal to the dead warlord and his family found out. As punishment, Jambavan had one forepaw cut off and was exiled from the fleet. In light of his years of service, he was allowed to retain the lesser title of major.

Growing resentful of the fleet, he attacked and got a bounty placed on his head, getting briefly captured by a bounty hunter couple who killed each other for the money. Wounded, he traveled to Chubouzu, who gave him cybernetic upgrades and news that Korassil had been replaced by Lothor. He collected a few followers over time, and plotted his revenge.

An opportunity came in the form of Tauza, Lothor's wife. She wanted vengeance on Korassil for attempting to murder her sister and his wife, Xumara. Jambavan was suspicious, but Tauza proved her loyalty, and he agreed to her plan. When one of her Rangers, Dean Rider, turned against her, Jambavan used the chaos to enter her ship and kill the Thinker, having Spymaster Amorphous take his place.

Jambavan did not participate in the initial attack against Korassil at Chiratheon's lake, and during the second battle in Scrimshaw, he only appeared after Reggie and Anya had been taken out. Stopping the Black Ranger from committing suicide, he suggested they join him; he wanted to destroy Lothor's fleet, and was going to allow the Rangers present to do so for him. The two agreed readily, but as they were leaving they were set upon by Mark Nero and Archer. Impressed, Jambavan said they'd make good additions to his forces, and attacked them in mist form.

When the battle ended, one of the space ninja ships was unaccounted for.


Jambavan is vengeful, self-serving and calculating.

Talents and Abilities

Jambavan can shoot fireballs and transform into a black bear-shaped Zord thanks to his cybernetic implants. He can also transform into a black mist capable of possessing others.


Jambavan is a black bear with a bronze paw and golden eyes. He typically dresses in a wreath of thorns, a white toga and brown sandals.

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