Kanae Fujiyama
Yellow Beat
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: March 21
Age: 24
Season: Kyoumei Sentai Beatranger
Colors: Yellow
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Track 01:
Emergency Response!
Last Appearance: ????
Number of Episode
Yellow Beat

"Dancing to the rhythm of life! Yellow Beat!"

Kanae Fujiyama (藤山 佳苗 Fujiyama Kanae) is the yellow Beatranger, known as Yellow Beat, and a field response medic. She wields power gained from Dance Resonance.


Formation of Beatranger

Kanae is the medic in the field on the day of the incident. While searching for injured people, she comes across the device that appeared to be generating the resonance. Before she can do more than get a look at the machine, she is ambushed by Meloquarz. She is hurt in the attack and her ear protection is damaged, though she is able to avoid more attacks from Meloquarz just long enough for backup to arrive. Because of her discovery of both the machine and Meloquarz, as well as her proximity to both, Kanae is invited to join Beatranger. The attack has instilled a lasting fear of Meloquarz in her, but she feels that helping others comes before her personal feelings.


Kanae is generally very cheerful and good-natured, but also a bit of a nervous person. She trips up a lot, and tends to worry about things more than necessary. Despite that, she’s very willing to help when she can. She's not much of a fighter, and is more often the one to lead civilians away from dangerous situations. She absolutely loves anything related to music and dancing.


Yellow Beat


As Yellow Beat, Kanae has enhanced strength, a protective suit, and resistance to most hostile resonance, as well as the ability to track nearby life signs. She can summon the Euro Strikers, a pair of flail-like devices, as her personal weapon.