Kamen rider VX
Some attributes
First number of episode :43
Second first episode:ep 1:train come unkown rider
Third final episode :ep43:far away from you
Other attributes
Fourth creator:Raihan 991
Fifth next series:TBA


Unkown magic creature come to the earth and crash at Malang city,Indonesia a boy aged 15 named Raihan Anantya found vx driver in the school and he find unkown base called VX liner in the unused locker  .Raihan with his best friend Gary make a club named space club with placed in VX liner ,kito amenagakure with his sister sakura amenagakure join with this club .soccer player named adit and his friend Andi join space club.magician monster fleet have a mission for invading earth and combatant called war wizard attacking earth in the school raihan morph to be VX gunner and kito rescue raihan ,he morph to be VX slasher and defeat all war wizard 


Kamen rider

VX gunner raihan anantya
VX slasher Kito amenagakure
VX lancer Gary

Space club

sakura amenagakure (President)


andi(system analyst)

space High school

Rey (teacher)



Advan red Kenji sakurai
advan green akira hoshi
Advan pink yuki hoshi
advan yellow parker
advan blue fang
advan knight Robo taiga -> masamune
kamen rider fourze Gentaro kisaragi
Kamen rider meteor Ryusei sakuta
Kamen rider Nadeshiko nadeshiko misaki
Kamen rider joker shotaro hidari
Kamen rider accel Ryu terui
Kamen rider new den-o Kotaro nogami


Ep 1:Train come.unkown rider

ep 2:space club go

Ep 3:lancer transformation

Ep 4:ilussion punch 

Ep 5:detective mission dimension usb flash memory

Ep 6:racing at speed bike rider

ep 7:space rider come

ep 8:Foward!hero war rider Vs sentai

Ep 9:my friend is wizard monster