Jikan Sentai Kodaiunger (おしゃ せんたい こだいうんげ) - Jikan Sentai Kodaihangā), translated as Time Squadron Ancient Travel Ranger, is the fan-made season of Super Sentai. It`s an ancient history/mythology/time travel themed season. This is the first EX season of Fan-Made Super Sentai.


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In the year 1800 A.D., Emperor Demon Hellgerua & his nightmarish Deathdemon Empire had returned after when Denoas So (time god) & his army defeats him. Hellgerua has some new plans to invade the time dimensions with his souls & nightmare curse. However, he doesn`t created his planet in any time dimension because some of planets & time dimensions was guarded by the gods from evil. Hellgerua needs some more power to be strong to invade the time dimensions & to become the demon master of the nightmare dimensions. But, General Demiaous got an plan idea to take over the time dimensions. He told Hellgerua that he can steal the time crystals at the Time Travel Center & place the time crystal on Hellgerua`s beast (Hell Alien Tentacles of Curse) & then, he will become the most powerful demon master able to destroy & invade all of the time dimensions with his army. But, Hellgerua said that he needs to get revenge on his enemy (Denoas So & his god empire) for defeated Hellgerua & his army in 1000 A.D. However, General Demiaous told that it will be very dangerous & Denoas So was so powerful & strongest god in the world. But, Hellgerua told him that he`s the most powerful demon ever. He also got another plan that he will destroy Earth & rule the whole galaxy & Earth. Back in Time Travel Omega Centre, Robot Time Captain found out that Emperor Hellgerua & his Deathdemon Empire had returned from the dead world & R.E.C-654 told him that Hellgerua & his empire got their plans to invade the time dimensions & Earth and to become the mpst powerful demon master in the galaxy. He needs a way to stop Hellgerua & his empire for ruling the Earth & the time dimensions. But now, he got an idea to defeat Hellgerua & his empire again (just like in 1000 A.D.). According to Robot Time Captain`s information file book, it shown of the person names to pick up. After when Robot Time captain invites 5 teenagers (3 male & 2 female) to the Time Travel Omega Centre & show their themselves about them on the information file book. Then, Robot Time Captain choose the anyone to Kodaiungers. Which is male colours = red, black & blue and female colours = yellow, pink. After the preparation, 5 time heroes were ready for time travelling & mission to save the galaxy to stop Hellgerua & his army for invading Earth & the time dimensions. Kodaiunger will never give up & always save everything from any dangers & evil.

Story About Time God (Travel 30)

In 600 A.D, the time god (Denoas So) creates the time dimensions & kingdom called "Zarauto Empire" since he was grown up. But, the Deathdemon Empire had plans to destory the time god`s kingdom with clouds of evil & nightmares. Then, in the Dark Ages (870 A.D), Zarauto Empire saw the black clouds with lightning & nightmare ghosts. After that, Denoas So were realized that there`s a evil demonic mothership coming towards his kingdom. All the Zarauto`s victims were quickly evacuated "The Zarauto Empire" & they quickly went to the rescue ships. But, Denoas So`s Princess was trapped & kidnapped by Emperor Hellgerua. Denoas So tried to rescue her, but, it was too late. So, after when Denoas So gets back on the rescue ship, his empire were destroyed & his power of light were banished forever. After that, Hellgerua takes Denoas So`s princess to his empire called "Deathdemon Empire" & he put the evil spell on her face & the princess had turned evil & bowed down to Emperor Hellgerua. Lucky, the time dimensions were safe. But Hellgerua had another plan to invade the time dimensions with his darkness & nightmares. Denoas So had enough & wants to get revenge on Emperor Hellgerua & his empire & . So, in 1000 A.D, Denoas So`s army had prepared for the war. After the war, Deathdemon Empire was finally destoryed by Zarauto`s army & they saved the day from evil. Then, everything was back to normal. But, Zarauto Empire had to find their way to rebuild the kingdom in far away in another valley called Farnba Valley. But then, there`s no way & Denoas So were poor don`t had enough money for his new kingdom. All the Zarauto`s victims went to new homes at the ancient cities. In 1200 A.D, Denoas So had passed away in age 200 & become the god of the time dimensions.



Main article: Kodaiungers

  • KodaiRed (Ancient Japan) - Nako Hakui (Male)
  • KodaiBlack (Ancient Egypt) - Cariku Xai (Male)
  • KodaiBlue (Ancient Greece) - Maoau Parui (Male)
  • KodaiYellow (Ancient Rome) - Yui Nudasio (Female)
  • KodaiPink (Ancient China) - Suki Heiao (Female)
  • KodaiGold (Ancient India/Ancient Falcon) - Prince Leki of Falcon (Male)
  • KodaiOrange (Wild West Age) - Hariou Sejiou (Male)
  • KodaiPurple (Seven Seas Age) - Yuha Changoi (Female)
  • Future Warrior (Future Age) - Future Warrior
  • Titanium Warrior Fighter (Future Age) - Titanium Warrior Fighter

Evil Rangers

  • AkumuDemon - Emperor Demonic Hellgerua
  • Fake Kodaiunger (Flanba`s Ranger Clones)

Kajika Sentai Deathranger

  • Death Red
  • Death Blue
  • Death Yellow
  • Death Black
  • Death Pink

Spectral Sentai Ghostranger (Team Up)

  • Male GhostRed (Hawk) Kidouma
  • Fem GhostBlue (Shark) - Kotohime (former specter)
  • Fem GhostGreen (Panther) Shirohime (former specter)
  • Male GhostBlack (Wolf) Fuutaryu
  • Male GhostYellow (Lion) Garusha
  • Male GhostGold (Snake) Dorduruga
  • Robo/Fighter Phantom Ghost

Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive

  • GoRed - Matoi Tatsumi
  • GoBlue - Nagare Tatsumi
  • GoGreen - Shou Tatsumi
  • GoYellow - Daimon Tatsumi
  • GoPink - Matsuri Tatsumi
  • Beast-Demon Hunter Zeek (revived)

Mirai Sentai Timeranger

  • TimeRed - Tatsuya Asami
  • TimePink - Yuri
  • TimeBlue - Ayase
  • TimeYellow - Domon
  • TimeGreen - Sion
  • TimeFire - Naoto Takizawa (revived)

Kamen Rider Zi-O

  • Kamen Rider Zi-O

Kamen Rider Connect

  • Kamen Rider Connect


Space Time Dimension System
  • Robot Time Captain
  • Commander Poui Vacou
  • General Tushi
  • Professor Osatau Caouni
  • R.E.C-654


  • Mr Farnuo
  • Mrs Kiaouai
  • Ms Denuga
  • Dano Ohsai-Mui
  • Poi Ohsai-Mui
  • God Denoas So
  • Spectral Sentai Ghostranger
  • Kyukyu Sentai GoGoV
  • Mirai Sentai Timeranger
  • Kamen Rider Connect
  • Kamen Rider Zi-O

Minor article: Minor characters in Osha Sentai Kodaiunger

Deathdemon Empire

  • Emperor Demonic Hellgerua (true emperor/leader) (turned good)
  • Hell King Corpse Moonhya Paos (final villain/second emperor)
  • Venom Viper Fang Salamdares
  • Dark Curse General Demiaous (turned good)
  • Toxic Princess of Darkness Badabaus
  • Nightmare Demon Yakouzas
  • Underworld Hades Warrior Gaogax
  • Hell Alien Tentacles of Curse
  • Underworld King Hades of Demon (Returns movie)
  • Black Dark Super-Majin Sun (VS Rider movie)
  • Nightmare Creep Mask of Blood (ruler/formerly leader) (turned good)
  • Zemma Soldiers
  • Voidhegexa Soldiers
  • Farnvado Soldiers
  • Giant Yarukga Soldiers
  • Giant Mumajaw Soldiers


  • Dark Hell Robo/Version
  • Mega Dark Hell Robo/Version 2.0
  • Ultimate Demonic Hell Robo/Version 3.0
  • Final Super Majin Nightmare Robo/Final Version

Nightmare Spirits

  1. Gangao (First Monster)
  2. Denahou
  3. Jujina
  4. Heuasga
  5. Thantarus
  6. Vexius
  7. Nakouha
  8. Chimoaco
  9. Xesigua
  10. Kikufiro
  11. Suterae
  12. Magasu
  13. Jeegado
  14. Minouhar
  15. Hafoju
  16. Bomtexu
  17. Hexwex
  18. Creepoas
  19. Zazzoga
  20. Leasohu
  21. Kanhujka
  22. Varosue
  23. Firthop
  24. Linhso
  25. Chadujop
  26. Madoju
  27. Eldaogo
  28. Xerojada
  29. Squgadirus
  30. Papaduha
  31. Quzecda
  32. Rogsadu
  33. Anhugsa
  34. Siuohga
  35. Kidaogx
  36. Namouhma
  37. Tenbaopa
  38. Babaouga
  39. Oxaoxgu
  40. Wexxex
  41. Nigadoght
  42. Umizamo
  43. Aluphaka
  44. Onabuxmas (Christmas Monster)
  45. Hidoax
  46. Ghusagao
  47. Vipdao
  48. Hellparus (Final Monster)
  49. Shacou (Movie)
  50. Huggoiro (Movie)
  51. Amovuda (VS Movie)

Other Monsters

Fliohai/Demon Darkness Knight Kellugater (Sentai VS Rider Movie)

Planet of Hades

  • Lord Posion Demon Flanba
  • Sir Dark Chaos Vuhopas
  • Great Knight Sawblade
  • Darkmare Army Minions


Main article:Arsenal (Kodaiunger)

Transformation Devices

  • Transformation Spinning Time Driver
  • Transformation Rotating Falcon Changer
  • Transformation Switching Pirate West Phone

Multi-Use Devices

  • Year Time Digital Clocks/Badge
  • Golden Falcon Badge Key
  • Sea Western Cartridge Discs


  • Time Travel Sword
  • Time Travel Spear
  • Time Travel Blaster
  • Past Year Transforming Gun
  • Present Year Transforming Gun
  • Future Year Transforming Gun
  • Time Laser Blaster Wrister

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon

  • Ancient Time Alpha Bazooka
  • Beta Omega Blast Bazooka
  • Samurai Sword
  • Pharaoh Spear
  • God Axe
  • Vatican Lance
  • Kung Fu Bow
  • Falcon Sword & Shield
  • West Lagoon Blaster
  • Seven Sea Crossbow

Other Weapons

  • Travel Jackblack Blaster
  • Time Shot Spear Sword

Power-Up Mode

  • Time Delta Armor Blaster
  • Travel Command Armor Blaster


  • Mega Hyper Time Blaster
  • Time Omega Metal Armor


Main article: Mecha (Kodaiunger)

Legend: pilot mecha, team-person mecha, auxiliary mecha, battle mecha, other

Time Travel Jet System

  • Jikan Gattai Kodai-Oh
  • Samurai Jet
  • Pyramid Jet
  • Parthenon Jet
  • Vatican Jet
  • Dragon Jet
  • Ages Sword

Legendary Falcon System

  • Jikan Gattai Falcon-Oh
  • Gold Falcon
  • Fire Falcon Sword

Galactic Sea Western Temple System

  • Jikan Gattai Motor-Oh
  • Wild Western Motor-Wagon
  • Pirate Ship Tank
  • Silver Sea Sword
  • Western Star Sword

Space Station Rocket System

  • NASA Space Shuttle/Great-Space-Shuttle-Oh
  • Space Station Solar Shield
  • Rocket Launching Cannon


  • Medieval European Knight Horse
  • Babylon Lion
  • Aztec Empire Tank
  • American Eagle
  • Aboriginal Koala
  • Jurassic Rex
  • Ice Age Mammoth
  • Norse Viking Ship
  • Dark Age Dragon
  • Fire Age Thunderbird


  • Great Future Robo/Future Tank Airship
  • Hologram Sword

Team Combinations

  • Jikan Gattai KodaiFalcon-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Sea-Falcon-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Western-Falcon-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Sea Western-Falcon-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai KodaiPirate-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai KodaiWestern-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Sea WesternKodai-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Ultimate Spaceship KodaiShuttle-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Ultimate Spaceship FalconShuttle-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Ultimate Spaceship Sea WesternShuttle-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Ultimate Spaceship KodaiFalconShuttle-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Ultimate Spaceship KodaiSea WesternShuttle-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Ultimate Spaceship FalconSea WesternShuttle-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Ultimate Legendary Time Travel-Shuttle-Oh

Alternate Combinations

  • Jikan Gattai KnightKodai-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai RuinsKodai-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai TempleKodai-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai LibertyKodai-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai UluruKodai-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai DinoKodai-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai IceKodai-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai VikingKodai-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai DragonKodai-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai FireKodai-Oh

Armor Type Combinations

  • Jikan Gattai Knight-DinoKodai-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Temple-VikingKodai-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Fire-IceKodai-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Dragon-RuinsKodai-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Uluru-LibertyKodai-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Dino-Ice-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Dino-Temple-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Dino-Uluru-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Dino-Dragon-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Viking-Knight-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Viking-Ice-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Viking-Uluru-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Viking-Dragon-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Fire-Knight-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Fire-Uluru-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Fire-Dragon-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Fire-Temple-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Ruins-Knight-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Ruins-Ice-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Ruins-Uluru-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Ruins-Temple
  • Jikan Gattai Liberty-Knight-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Liberty-Ice-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Liberty-Dragon-Oh
  • Jikan Gattai Liberty-Temple

Movie-Exclusive Combinations

  • Jikan Gattai FutureKodai-Oh


Main article: Jikan Sentai Kodaiunger Episodes

The episodes in this fan-made Sentai season are called "Travel" (Ryokō)

  1. Travel 1: Put The Rangers Into The Team.
  2. Travel 2: The One Time Energy.
  3. Travel 3: The Ghost Storm Apocalypse.
  4. Travel 4: Time Jets! Launch Up!
  5. Travel 5: The Furious Kodai-Oh Battle.
  6. Travel 6: Ranger Brainwashed.
  7. Travel 7: Are You A Friend Of My Dream.
  8. Travel 8: The Cursed Pyramid.
  9. Travel 9: Nightmare Awakens Across.
  10. Travel 10: The Scary Maze Trouble.
  11. Travel 11: TBA
  12. Travel 12: TBA
  13. Travel 13: TBA
  14. Travel 14: TBA
  15. Travel 15: TBA
  16. Travel 16: TBA
  17. Travel 17: TBA
  18. Travel 18: TBA
  19. Travel 19: TBA
  20. Travel 20: TBA
  21. Travel 21: TBA
  22. Travel 22: TBA
  23. Travel 23: TBA
  24. Travel 24: TBA
  25. Travel 25: TBA
  26. Travel 26: TBA
  27. Travel 27: TBA
  28. Travel 28: TBA
  29. Travel 29: TBA
  30. Travel 30: TBA
  31. Travel 31: TBA
  32. Travel 32: TBA
  33. Travel 33: TBA
  34. Travel 34: TBA
  35. Travel 35: TBA
  36. Travel 36: TBA
  37. Travel 37: TBA
  38. Travel 38: TBA
  39. Travel 39: TBA
  40. Travel 40: TBA
  41. Travel 41: TBA
  42. Travel 42: TBA
  43. Travel 43: TBA
  44. Travel 44: TBA
  45. Travel 45: TBA
  46. Travel 46: TBA
  47. Travel 47: TBA
  48. Travel 48: TBA
  49. Travel 49: TBA
  50. Travel 50: TBA
  51. Travel 51: TBA
  52. Travel 52: TBA
  53. Travel 53: TBA
  54. Travel 54: TBA
  55. Travel 55: TBA
  56. Travel 56: TBA
  57. Travel 57: TBA
  58. Travel 58: TBA
  59. Travel Final: The Final Destination To The Last Battle.


  • Special 1: Timeranger & Kodaiunger's Battle Mission In Year 3000.
  • Special 2: Back To The Past WIth Zi-O & Connect.
  • Special 3: GoGoV & Kodaiunger`s Demonic Cursed Rescue Mission.
  • Special 4: Jikan Sentai Kodaiunger Special DVD: The Great Time Virus.


  • Ghostranger vs Kodaiunger: The Movie: The Ghost Dimension Adventure.
  • Jikan Sentai Kodaiunger Vs Kamen Rider Connect: Battle Of The Time Civil War.
  • Jikan Sentai Kodaiunger: The Movie: Invasion of The Planet of Hades.
  • Jikan Sentai Kodaiunger: Kodaiunger Returns! Defeat The Underworld Beast Demon Mission.


  • Jikan Sentai Kodaiunger: Let`s Go For Journey Into The Time. (Opening Song)
  • Jikan Sentai Kodaiunger: Make It Into The Time. (Ending Song)
  • Jikan Gattai Kodai-Oh: The Furious Giant Kodai-Oh Battle. (Mecha Theme)


  • Activate, Time Driver! Change Up! (Henshin Theme)


See also

Power Rangers Time Travel - Power Rangers counterpart. See comparison page.


Jikan Sentai Kodaiunger is theme simliar to Mirai Sentai Timeranger (2000/1999) & Kamen Rider Zi-O (2018/2019) but with the time dimensions, mythology & ancient history.

The time dimensions was known as the worlds of ancient times & mythology. (e.g. Ancient Egypt & Ice Ages) and their sources of the Time Dimensions were the Time Crystal (Sentai Power Source).