Jazz Fenton
Blue Sapphire Beast Ranger
Blue Dragon Sapphire Ranger
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: April 30th
Age: 18
Season: Power Rangers Crystal Beasts
Colors: Blue
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Light of the Gems, Part 1
Last Appearance: TBA
Number of Episode
Actor: Colleen O'Shagunessey (voice)
Blue Sapphire Beast Ranger
Blue Dragon Sapphire Ranger

Jasmine "Jazz" Fenton is the Blue Dragon Sapphire Ranger (officially the Blue Sapphire Beast Ranger) the Blue Ranger of the Crystal Beast Rangers. She is the older sister of Danny Fenton aka Danny Phantom, who she is very close with and knows about his status as a "Halfa". She is from Amity Park and is currently attending Angel Grove University along with Keith, Flash, and Julie. Jazz is the bearer of the Sapphire Gem and is the pilot of the Dragon Sapphirezord aka Sapphire Dragon. Her element is water.


Jazz Fenton is the oldest daughter of the Fenton family, who are a team of ghost hunters and scientists. She considers herself as a 'mature' one of the team and would try to keep everyone in check, especially Keith for she can witness his temper triggering sometimes. Jazz is often described as an adult trapped in a teenagers body by her family, but managed to get out of that habit and helped her brother, Danny Fenton aka Danny Phantom which sometimes end up in embarrassing defeats. Otherwise, she becomes very helpful and often tries to be the glue of the team.

At first, Jazz gets a bit scared when she gets attacked by the Galra along with the others, but manages to conquer her fears when she becomes the Blue Ranger which is different than her fighting evil ghosts with her family back in Amity Park.



Blue Sapphire Beast Ranger

Ranger Gear


Crystal Gem and Powers

Sapphire Gem

Jazz's Sapphire Gem

Sapphire Gem - The Sapphire Gem is Jazz's Crystal Gem. It holds the power of water and is linked to the Dragon Sapphirezord. It was previously under the possession of the Sapphire Paladin.

Hydrokinesis - Coming soon...

Dragon Tempest - Coming Soon...

Crystal Bomber - Coming Soon...

Gem Beast

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