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Jacob Nicholson is a Time Force officer and ally of the Hourglass Rangers.


Nicholson's early life presumably involved lessons in computer programming, as that was his primary field of expertise.  He joined Time Force and was teamed up with fellow cadets Lawrence Harvey and Elizabeth Sanchez, with whom he got along well enough.  Hijinks ensued regardless.  When the Omega version of Time Force decided to invade, Nicholson's counterpart swapped places with him. With help from the Omega mutants, Nicholson was able to return home. This encounter led to Time Force's first official exploration of the Multiverse. Nicholson and his companions personally visited universes Beta and Iota.

The trio were promoted to Corporals after their first successful serious mission, rescuing the future Captain Mitchell and his daughter from the car accident in which Ryan was taken by Diabolico.

Nicholson, Sanchez and Harvey soon found themselves thoroughly busy with the new Akra crisis, but their lives reached a new crazy high after Time Force was infiltrated, and they ended up on the run, hunting down whatever Akra the few surviving Hourglass Rangers could catch. Eventually they were captured and turned into Monitors themselves, and Nicholson was put in the Akra Station's engineering section.

Nicholson was the last of the trio to be freed from Akra control, and he quickly set about hacking the Station. The newly-begun rebellion was a huge success, and with the defeat of the Queen in Northside, the crisis resolved. Nicholson was promoted to Captain for his pains.

Talents and Abilities

Nicholson, as well as being a competent fighter, pilot and time traveler, is a clever computer programmer and hacker.


Nicholson is likely Caucasian, with curly brown hair.

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