Henkan Chōriki Ohranger is the currently nonexistent Sentai off of which Power Rangers: Neo Zeo is "based." It is not technically abandoned, but up for adoption to any interested writer.


In 1999, a trio of inexperienced U.A.O.H. recruits are transported to a parallel reality in which the Machine Empire Baranoia won. With the help of a lone, slightly crazy survivor, they get to work saving this new world from its robotic overlords.



Differences and Similarities Between Adaptations
Power Rangers: Neo Zeo Henkan Chōriki Ohranger
Takes place in the Prime Reality. Takes place in an alternate, apocalyptic reality.
Rangers are forced to repair and use damaged equipment, as it was abandoned by the previous Rangers in favor of the Turbo powers. Rangers are forced to repair and use damaged equipment left over from U.A.O.H.
Most of the villains are alien mercenaries or ancient Emperors recently revived. Most of the villains were created from Baranoia experiments to guard Earth and continue testing there.
Zeo Ranger V, Red, was the serious older brother of a veteran Ranger, and helped choose his teammates, approving of them from the start. OhRed was a lone, slightly crazed survivor of the parallel U.A.O.H., and looked down on his inexperienced new teammates until the Leo Arc, in which he saw that they were willing to sacrifice everything for their mission.
Ophiuchus was a young descendant of Sagittarius, and the one who rescued the Zodiac Emperors out of his eagerness to help them. Ophiuchus was a noble warrior of unknown origins, with hidden memories of a family. The Ohrangers kept triggering them in combat, forcing him to leave repeatedly.