The Gemini Rangers are the four "siblings" of the Neo Zeo Rangers who used off-color duplicates of their morphers during the Gemini arc.


Rose Erica Whitearrow
Orange Judith Wildman
Indigo Lance Wildman
Turquoise Hector Byron

Team History

According to the members of the team, they were each the long-lost sibling of an existing Ranger. Lance and Judith were twins, the children of Mrs. Wildman before her marriage, Erica had been separated from her brothers after the deaths of their parents, and Hector didn't know what had happened to him, as he'd woken up in an alley with a head injury and no memory of his past.

The four began having prophetic dreams around the time the Neo Zeo Rangers went into action, and discovered their family connections. They somehow discovered their morphers, and headed to Angel Grove to meet their families. No sooner did they arrive than they ended up saving Lidian from a Jewel Golem attack, where they introduced themselves to their thunderstruck families. Lidian in particular couldn't accept Hector as a brother, though he wouldn't explain why he was so suspicious.

On the advice of David, Lidian let the four stay at his house, but with the caveat that they not go anywhere he told them to stay out of--his brother Ezra was strict. They agreed, but later Hector was caught snooping. The two argued, and eventually Hector forced Lidian to admit that he wasn't human, or even from Earth.

At this, Hector and the others revealed their true identities. They were all puppets of Emperor Gemini, created from samples of the Rangers' DNA or simply mimicking their appearances. They offered Lidian the chance to join them, but took him hostage when he refused. Hector faked his death and tried to send him to the Equinox, but the others arrived while there were still two Lidians present.

Lidian was able to prove he was the real one, and a fight broke out. Hector attempted to use Lidian's Zeonizers, but they made him explode. Seeing that the real morphers would be useless to his puppets, Gemini abandoned the other three, which collapsed into goop.


  • Zeonizers


  • Judith, Lance and Hector's first names come from the original draft of Neo Zeo; Erica's from the actor of her "brother."