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This article is about a/an location in Power Rangers Cyber V.
Fort Myers is the Cyber Rangers' base of operations.


Fort Myers is a military installation and home to the Ranger Project codenamed Cyber V. When Anya Maize arrived suddenly in the office of General Phillip Sauder, it became a beachhead against the coming invasion of Kalask's forces.

Sauder commands the Rangers from the War Room, which allows him and the base personnel to view all the data coming in from the Rangers helmets and suits, as well as any views from surrounding cameras. The Rangers live on base at all times, in spite of being locals, as a security precaution.

The weapons lab is primarily run by the Venturas Twins, and is the most heavily reinforced area of the base, mostly due to the occasionally explosive nature of their work. The Twins are also responsible for maintaining the Combat Zord Holding Bay, which houses the Rangers' Zords and the Cyber Cycles.
The base is also fitted with a holographic training area for the Rangers, as well as a rec room that the team regularly use to unwind between battles.

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