Flash Thompson
Green Emerald Beast Ranger
Green Pegasus Emerald Ranger
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: March 13th
Age: 18
Season: Power Rangers Crystal Beasts
Colors: Green
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Light of the Gems, Part 1
Last Appearance: TBA
Number of Episode
Actor: Matt Lanter (voice)
Green Emerald Beast Ranger
Green Pegasus Emerald Ranger

Eugene Thompson better known as Flash Thompson is the Green Pegasus Emerald Ranger (officially the Green Emerald Beast Ranger) the Green Ranger of the Crystal Beast Rangers. He was a former bully of Peter Parker aka Spider-Man, and now a graduate from Midtown High School. He is currently attending Angel Grove University along with Jazz, Julie, and now Keith . He is the bearer of the Emerald Gem and is the pilot of the Pegasus Emeraldzord aka Emerald Pegasus. His element is wind.


Flash is your typical stereotypical jock who is a football quarterback and bullies the weak, shoving them in lockers back when he was younger. He was shown to be a bit arrogant at times and was a huge fan of Spider-Man and often overreacts when he sees him and still is to this day. However, he was shown to be very afraid and would often hide when it comes to danger and once tried to overcome his fear by posing as the 'Scarlet Spider', trying to help Spider-Man but was put down by the webcrawler, leaving him downhearted and his bullying ways start to wear off on him.

When he arrived in Angel Grove, he finally gets his chance to be a superhero by bonding with the Emerald Gem, thus becoming the Green Ranger and it shows that he is also a fan of the Power Rangers no one knew about. Even though he starts to get along with his teammates, Flash starts to develop a slight rivalry with Keith, the Red Ranger. But he starts to change his personality when he starts to realize that he has a responsibility in protecting the Earth.



Green Emerald Beast Ranger

Ranger Gear

Crystal Gem and Powers

Emerald Gem

Flash's Emerald Gem

Emerald Gem - The Emerald Gem is Flash's Crystal Gem. It holds the power of wind and is linked to the Pegasus Emeraldzord. It previously was under the possession of the Emerald Paladin.

Aerokinesis - Coming soon...

Pegasus Tornado - Coming soon...

Crystal Bomber - Coming soon...


Gem Beast

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