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Ethereal Sigil
The Ethereal Ninja Academy is a high secretive school in the Himalayas. It teaches the disciplines of Energy, Sound, Empathy, Gravity and Death.


The Ethereal Academy's building is ancient, carved into the side of a mountain hundreds or even thousands of years ago. There are five levels, and below and around them are networks of caves, some of which have been mapped and explored. New students are often hazed by being sent into the tunnels to find a chunk of crystal or a subterranean creature, briefed beforehand with legends of students who wandered in and never came out. The entire place is heated and lit by an acidic, luminescent mineral fluid pumped from the Cave of Bubbling Pools, all machinery powered by the Energy students.

The school weapon is shuriken.


The Ethereal Academy may well be the oldest surviving Ninja Academy. Its students and Senseis can be traced back to the time of Ghengis Khan, and thus legends and myths abound.

The original school was based around the five senses, and exclusively male, but Smell and Taste were first blended, then abandoned. Sight developed into Empathy (seeing the emotions rather than the physical), and Touch into Gravity.

During Lothor's worldwide attacks on ninja academies, the Ethereal Academy was taken by General Tauza. Three students managed to escape, but in the process the mountainside was demolished by the attacking forces. After many battles, the captive students and teachers were rescued and the space ninjas defeated.


Ethereal Symbols
  • Energy, the ability to generate energy, associated with the Goldfish.
  • Sound, the ability of echolocation, associated with the Bat.
  • Empathy, the ability to manipulate emotions, associated with the Panda.
  • Gravity, the ability to manipulate gravity, associated with the Momonga.
  • Death, the ability to manipulate life force, associated with the Vulture.


  • Orual Ngapoi, Sensei and master of all techniques, but also teaching Energy
  • Master Leegreg Malla, Sensei of Death
  • Master Gonzalo Prosper, Sensei of Gravity
  • Master Ashley Whyte, Sensei of Empathy (a man)
  • Master Daniu Zhang, Sensei of Sound

Known Students

  • Susana Callaghan, Empathy Ninja and Ranger
  • Kerri Long, Sound Ninja and Ranger
  • Easton Lewis, Energy Ninja and Ranger
  • Wilhelm Lewis, Gravity Ninja, deceased
  • Gwen Lewis (nee Walden), Death Ninja, deceased
  • Jannie Walt, Sound Ninja, deceased
  • Kyoto Hoshi, Sound Ninja, deceased
  • Val Tyson, Sound Ninja, deceased
  • Willis Martin, deceased
  • Alana Adler, deceased
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