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Earthlight Sigil

The Earthlight Ninja Academy is a Caribbean school, teaching the discipline of light generated by the Earth, as opposed to the sky. Its disciplines are Flame, Magma, Lifelight (bioluminescence) and St. Elmo's Fire.


The Academy covers the entirety of Earthlight Island; the different disciplines are divided into clusters of bamboo villages around the central (dormant) volcano. There are dozens of trails worn through the jungle, but students still get lost occasionally, which is why creating a flare distress signal is always the first lesson, and no one is allowed to travel alone unless they can generate one. There are a few wild animals, but most have been domesticated by generations of students, and are very tame. Students board in the school, and often their families will come to visit them over the holidays, instead of vice versa.

The school weapon is the Earthlight Katana.


Earthlight Academy was founded by Vietnamese boat people in 1974, when one large cargo ship was wrecked on the island. According to urban legend, the ship had become lost in a storm, and just when all hope was lost, an albatross covered in St. Elmo's Fire appeared. More St. Elmo's Fire covered the ship, giving them enough light to steer by. They followed the bird to the island, and despite the wreck, no one was lost. Most of the inhabitants scattered into the nearby South and Central American nations, particularly the nearby port city of Palencia in Belize, but a few colonized the island. They were joined soon after by a few grown students from other Academies, who helped them organize into a proper school.

39 years after its founding, the school was attacked by Zart, who burned it all to the ground and caused the volcano to erupt. The space ninjas Zart worked for kidnapped all of the ninjas they could find before the island's full destruction. Some time later, the surviving ninjas were saved by students from other academies, who had banded together to stop the invaders.


Earthlight Symbols
  • Flame, the ability to generate flame, associated with the Komodo Dragon.
  • Magma, the ability to manipulate volcanic glass and personal body temperature, associated with the Mongoose.
  • Lifelight, the ability to generate organic light, associated with the Firefly.
  • St. Elmo's Fire, the ability to manipulate plasma, associated with the Albatross.


  • Nardu Kai, Sensei and master of all disciplines
  • Master Anil Dharma, Sensei of Magma
  • Master Leco Sebas Lopes, Sensei of St. Elmo's Fire
  • Master Maria Valdez, Sensei of Lifelight
  • Master Louisa Wu, Sensei of Flame

Known Students

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