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This article is about a/an type of villain in Power Rangers Cyber V.
Gender: None
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Type: Foot Soldiers
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First Appearance: Cyber Ops Energize! Part 1
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Dreads are the foot soldiers of Kalask.


Mechanical footsoldiers designed with a devil theme, the Dreads are mass produced to induce terror and inflict pain and suffering. They are armed with blasters and blades, but their preferred method of attack is a blast of napalm flame from their mouths, dubbed a "Hellfire Blast." Fortunately, Kalask's twisted sense of fair play leads him to program the Dreads so they can only perform a Hellfire Blast once every ten minutes. Thus, if an opponent survives, they stand a fighting chance of victory. Like the monsters, the Dreads can also be transformed into giants by Tem-Tar or anyone with red nanites, although this only happens on rare occasions. They can also be repurposed for other tasks, such as medical attention or monster upgrades (though Kalask's methods are somewhat brutal).

Of particular note are Dread Scouts, which are sent to gather intelligence on realities ahead of time, utilizing a stealth camouflage. If discovered, the Scout decloaks and attacks. It can use several Hellfire Blasts, unlike the standard model, and seems to be stronger and smarter as well.

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