The Drama Combatants (Dorama Sento-in) are the troopers used by Drama in their goal for world domination. They're dressed in black and blue uniforms with bug-like masks, these soldiers have been altered with strength and speed, making them more capable enough than an ordinary human. They've also been hypnotized to be absolutely loyal. They're composed of both men and women.


Drama Scientists (Dorama Kagaku-sha): The scientists are within Drama. They're in charge of any scientific work such as inventing, researching and experimenting. Their uniforms are similar to the standard combatant uniform, but they're white and red. They also wear white lab coats over their uniforms. They're rarely seen inside and outside of the Drama base.

Drama Strike Squad (Doramasutoraikuchimu): This division specializes in riding on motorcycles and horses. Their uniforms are yellow and green versions of the standard combatant uniform, but with yellow sashes that they hold their equipment. They wield pistols, throwing knives, grenades and beetle-like bombs.

Great Leader of Drama's Bodyguards (Dorama no bodigato no idaina shido-sha): These elite soldiers serve as bodyguards for the Great Leader. They wear black and silver formal military uniforms with german military caps on top of their masks. They wield sabers to fight their opposers to protect the Great Leader.

Arsenal and Abilities

These soldiers mainly wield guns, rifles, pistols and grenades but they also wield flamethrowers, bazookas and throwing knives. They can also drive almost any type of vehicle including motorcycles, cars, jeeps and speed boats. They can also ride horses.

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