Cutie Honey GRX aka Cutie Honey Generation Remix is a 2018 adaptation of the Cutie Honey metaseries. The show was commissioned to celebrate the franchise's 45th anniversary and incorporates elements from previous incarnations including Cutie Honey: The Live and the 2004 film. It downplays some of the controversial elements of the franchise due to airing on a Sunday morning time slot as well as trying to market the anime to a contemporary international audience.


Dr. Gou Kisaragi was on the verge of a scientific breakthrough with the creation of a device called the Air Element Solidifier, a device which used nanotechnology and an unknown space isotope to transmute air into different forms of matter.

When his pregnant wife Eiko is placed in the hospital after a mysterious assailant ran her off the road because of his experiments, Gou is told by his dying wife to save her unborn child by using the device. The child was placed in an artificial womb and Dr. Kisaragi used it to help his daughter grow into a healthy newborn by converting nutrients into cellular material.

However, unforeseen side effects of the procedure caused the excess nutrients to create 3 more infants, 2 of which were at different stages of development due to the nanites self replicating nature. This leads to discovery that all his daughters were techno-organic hybirds due to the nanites grafting to their cells.

The mournful Doctor named his children Honey, Miki, Yuki and Seira and went into hiding so that the woman who murdered his wife would not hurt his daughters or disrupt his research so that he could plan a way to fight against the organization she worked for.

After the wedding of Seira 19 years later, the sisters find their father dead in his home and the assassin fleeing the scene saying only that "Panther Claw will have the Air Element Solidifier!". After finding a set of chokers with a note from their father, the four sisters discover that they can transform into super powered heroes. They then declare that they will wage war against this mysterious organization to avenge their parents murders and discover the full extent of their powers.


The Kisaragi Sisters

Honey Kisaragi

Miki Kisaragi

Seira Hazuki

Yuki Kisaragi


Natsuko Aki

Hayami Seiji

Akira Hazuki

Panther Claw

Panther Zora

Lord Dolmeck

Sister Jill

Duke Watari


Dr. Gou Kisaragi

Eiko Kisaragi