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Commandant Helios
Gender: Male
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Season: Power Rangers: Lost Ninjas
Type: Bodyguard
Homeworld: Agini
First Appearance: Panicked Haste
Last Appearance: Smoke, Fire and Metal
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Commandant Helios is Jambavan's main bodyguard.

Character History

Helios was born on the planet Agini, and how he came into Jambavan's service is not known. He visited Earth to scout it out for Jambavan. During this time he met a Chinese woman, with whom  he conceived a child. He later killed his lover and her husband, abandoning his daughter.

Helios aided Yuki and Tauza in killing the Thinker, and accompanied her to Chiratheon's lake to meet with Korassil. There, he met Zart, who had just found out he was one-quarter Agini. Helios quickly recognized him as his grandson. Thus, when Chiratheon did as Tauza had wanted and attacked Zart, Helios tried to help him. The two of them killed the demon, but not before it killed Zart. Helios said it was a pity, not seeming to care that Zart was psychopathic, and cremated his body.


Helios is a shrewd, merciless killer utterly devoted to Jambavan. Family connections are moderately important to him, only more if they can provide something useful.

Talents and Abilities

He can shoot fire, transform into a giant comet capable of dividing itself safely, and survive in a vacuum.


Helios is a thin man with a scraggly black beard, though when angered he transforms into a gigantic, smoking volcanic humanoid with a sunlike face.

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