Chinami Takahara
Black Beat
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: October 13
Age: 30
Season: Kyoumei Sentai Beatranger
Colors: Black
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Track 03: The Fifth Racer
Last Appearance: ????
Number of Episode
Black Beat

"Conquering the Night! Black Beat!"

Chinami Takahara (髙原 千奈美 Takahara Chinami) is the black Beatranger, known as Black Beat, and a training instructor within the United Rescue Forces of Japan. She wields power gained from Horror Resonance.


Formation of Beatranger

After one of her students, Mariko Itsumi, plays a role in the suppression of an attack on their facility and is recruited to Beatranger as a result, Chinami herself is assigned to the base team in order to observe and assist Mariko. She also offers general assistance to the rest of the team, having trained them, as well.


Chinami is the oldest and generally most mature of the group, though she has a flair for the dramatic. She seems to become disappointed at trivial things. Despite this, she is a skilled fighter and a fairly strict trainer. Though she is one to take a more hands-on approach to things, she can and does provide adequate support from the sidelines.


Black Beat


As Black Beat, Chinami has enhanced strength, a protective suit, and resistance to most hostile resonance, as well as the ability to blend into shadows. She can summon the Euro Stingers, a set of black throwing knives, as her personal weapon.