Ning Leng is the daughter of Tao Leng and secretly the Bat Plasmid, one of the human commanders of the Pra'meths and enemy of the Kamen Riders.


Ning grew up in Shanghai as an only child who was very lonely and sad. This was because of her father's resentment towards her for being a girl and the death of his wife which he claimed was her fault. In reality, she died from an unspecified form of cancer that was too far in its progression to reverse and the doctors saved Ning before her mother died two days later.

Her father's abusive behavior and strict discipline led her to believe that everyone hated her for being born and in turn, she hated him.

When the Pra'meths arrived on Earth and read her thoughts, they appeared in front of her when her father was on the ship. They offered her a chance to make her father pay for his cruelty and everyone who felt she did not deserve to exist by making her stronger.

Ning liked the proposal and soon became the first Plasmid. She then killed her father using her powers to nullify sound and light to make him fall out a window in his office, making it look like a suicide.

During the series, she would sometimes interfere with battles between the Kamen Riders and Plasmids to help her subordinates escape or attack the Riders directly.


Ning has the power to nullify light and sound using devices implanted in her vocal chords and eyes. She maintains the ability to see and hear using special techno-organic enhancements that negate the distortions and can fly at speeds of 300 mph.
In addition to her Plasmid abilities, she used data videos of Kamen Rider Super-1 to train herself to be a Sincere Shaolin Fist martial artist.