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A list of weapons utilized by the Ninja students from the Ethereal, Earthlight, Terra and Season Academies.


Ethereal Morphers

Morphers 0004

Baseball-sized white marble orbs with a gold Ethereal Sigil on one side.  Each Ranger's symbol is inset in this, in whatever precious stone or metal is affiliated with their discipline.Template:Brclear

Terra Morphers

Terra Morpher
Morphers created by the Terra Ninja Academy.  They are very similar to the Wind Ninja Morphers, wrist-mounted black devices with Power Coins set in the front end.Template:Brclear

Earthlight Morphers

Morphers 0002
Morphers created by the Earthlight Ninja Academy, specifically Sensei Kai.  They are the combination of a wrist-mounted black device with the Earthlight sigil in copper rings, and an amulet with each Ranger's color and symbol worn around the neck when not in active use.Template:Brclear

Season Morphers

Season Morpher
Metal-and-wooden belt buckles used to morph by members of the Season Ninja Academy. Each buckle has the appropriate symbol etched into its center.Template:Brclear

Shinobi Morpher

Morpher wielded by the Silver Shinobi Ranger.

Obsidian Morpher

Morpher based on those of the Thunder Rangers, wielded by the Obsidian Shadow Ranger.

Power Weapons

Projection Blade

Personal weapon of the Sapphire Ranger, a sword.

Sound Slicers

Personal weapon of the Diamond Ranger; two kusarigama, essentially Japanese sickles with attached chains and weights.

Morning Star

Personal weapon of the Gold Ranger, a morning star whose spikes extend for special attacks, such as the Sun Blast--yellow lasers fire out of the spikes.

Stone Claws

Personal weapons of the Blue Ranger, a pair of ninja claws.

Metal Suruchin

Personal weapon of the Black Ranger; a grey rope with a black metal ball on either end.

Geyser Blowgun

Personal weapon of the Red Ranger. Capable of firing volleys of envenomed darts at an opponent.

Sunbeam Daggers

Personal weapons of the Yellow Ranger, a pair of twin daggers. Their attack is the Solar Slash: the blades glow and carve an energy X in the air, which then strikes the opponent.

Autumn Blasters

Personal weapons of the Orange Ranger, two handheld blasters. The primary attack is the Fall Beam: both blasters fire focused beams which freeze the opponent and advance any injuries already sustained as if they were left untreated for weeks.

Frost Katana

Personal weapon of the White Ranger.

Magma Knuckles

Personal weapons of the Crimson Ranger.

Dragon Arrow

Personal weapon of the Pink Ranger, a bow and arrows.

Glow Jutte

Personal weapons of the Green Ranger, a pair of dagger-like bars, resembling sais but with only half of the crosspiece.


Personal weapon of the Silver Ranger; an ancient and powerful katana.

Shadow Swords

Personal weapons of the Obsidian Ranger, a pair of twin swords.


Earthlight Katanas

Standard sidearm for the Earthlight Rangers: a katana worn on the left hip.

Ethereal Shuriken

Standard Ethereal sidearm; a set of shuriken stored in the helmet crests.

Season Tewhatewhas

Standard Season Ranger sidearm; a traditional Maori weapon, resembling a wooden poleaxe, but in this case made of metal.

Terra Bo

Standard sidearm for the Terra Rangers; a bo that shrinks for storage across the back.

Power Spheres

Special coin-controlled attacks used by the Megazords, though the Terra Power Spheres can be used by individual Zords, and thanks to an upgrade by Wyatt (when he was briefly turned into a genius), so can the Earthlight ones.


Sparrow Gun

Sapphire Ranger attack, a handgun whose pommel is shaped like a pair of sparrow wings. It fires blue lasers at its opopnent.

Bat Boomerang

Diamond Ranger attack, a diamond-edged boomerang shaped like a bat. Its special attack is the Sound Strafe; it flies back and forth, following the sound of its opponent's voice and movements to slash it.

Koi Kunai

Gold Ranger attack, a set of golden kunai shaped like goldfish that fling themselves at the Megazord's opponent.


Bobcat Blades

Blue Ranger attack, able to be used by the Cougarzord alone rather than just in Megazord formation. Fires a volley of curved blades at its opponent.

Screech Owl Tuning

Black Ranger attack, a tuning fork that amplifies and directs vibrations from the Screech Owlzord's shrieks, up to earthquake-inducing levels.

Scalding Blaster

Red Ranger Power Sphere, a blaster that fires scalding blasts of water at its opponent.


Goldfinch Sword

Yellow Ranger attack, a broadsword with a crosspiece shaped like wings. Its blade can be energized with heat, allowing it to perform the Fire Flight attack; it flings the flaming sword at its opponent, usually burning clean through.

Fox Spear

Orange Ranger attack, a spear whose blade is shaped like the face of a fox.

Tern Talons

White Ranger attack, a set of ninja claws on both the hands and feet of the Megazord.


Shard Shuriken

Scarlet Ranger Power Sphere, a set of obsidian shurikens. When thrown, they multiply into the Shard Volley and pummel the Megazord's opponent.

Scale Shield

Pink Ranger Power Sphere, a scale-patterned shield used to block attacks. It can also be split into individual scales and thrown at the opponent for the Scale Splinters attack.

Lifelight Baton

Green Ranger Power Sphere, a glowing green baton. It absorbs energy blasts (to a certain level) and redirects them as literally blinding beams of light.


Ethereal Zords

Included in the original Ethereal Megazord were the unused Vulturezord and Momongazord.


The Sapphire Ranger's Zord.Template:Brclear


Zord of the Diamond Ranger.Template:Brclear

Goldfish Zord

Zord of the Gold Ranger.Template:Brclear

Terra Zords

The Terra Megazord also included the now-unusable Deerzord.


The Blue Ranger's Zord. After his death it was retrofitted for Korassil's use, and destroyed in the final battle against the Rangers and rebellious space ninjas.Template:Brclear

Screech Owlzord

The Black Ranger's Zord.Template:Brclear

Copperhead Snakezord

The Red Ranger's Zord.Template:Brclear

Season Zords

The Season Academy Zords form the Season Megazord, including the unmanned Iguanazord (which composes the arms).


The Yellow Ranger's Zord. Forms the head and shoulders of the Megazord.Template:Brclear


The Orange Ranger's Zord. Forms the torso of the Megazord.Template:Brclear


The White Ranger's Zord, which is capable of flight. Its personal attack is a volley of ice-encased projectiles fired from the beak that explode into blue fire on contact. Forms the legs of the Megazord.Template:Brclear

Earthlight Zords

Originally, four Zords were intended for the Earthlight Megazord, including the Albatrosszord, but thanks to the interrupted building it was created with just the three activated Zords.


The Scarlet Ranger's Zord. After his death it was refitted for Xumara's use, and destroyed in the final battle between the Rangers and space ninja factions.Template:Brclear

Komodo Dragonzord

The Pink Ranger's Zord.Template:Brclear


The Green Ranger's Zord.Template:Brclear


The Silver Ranger's Zord, linked to Asamune. It has a secondary form, a humanoid Warrior Mode.Template:Brclear

Black Lionzord

The Obsidian Ranger's Zord.Template:Brclear

Zord Combinations

Ethereal Megazord

Template:Megazord Combination of the three active Ethereal Zords.Template:Brclear

Earthlight Megazord

Template:Megazord Combination of the three active Earthlight Zords.

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