Angel Grove is a city in California, and the setting of the first few teams of Power Rangers' battles.


Angel Grove seemed like an average small city or large town, with an "abandoned" warehouse district where most of the monster battles took place, a lake, a nearby desert, and mountains.  The population is 376,000 and the elevation is 241 ft.


According to a computer trivia program it was established in 1775, somehow, by the British. It was also part of the Old West in 1880.

Angel Grove was the home of the Mighty Morphin, Zeo, Turbo and (most of the) Space Rangers, who attend Angel Grove High School. Angel Grove is also close to the site of the Command Center (and Power Chamber), the Power Rangers' base of operations for years.  Angel Grove was the setting of the villains' attacks until Countdown to Destruction. It was also said by Leo Corbett that the most of the people of the Terra Venture space colony are from Angel Grove, wanting to find a new home to get away from all the alien and monster attacks.

With the six Operation Overdrive Rangers left powerless by Thrax, five former Rangers from various teams, the leader of which was Adam, the second Black Ranger, temporarily replaced them until they could regain their powers. Adam traveled to Angel Grove to recover Alpha 6, who had somehow returned from Mirinoi since Lost Galaxy, disconnected and stored in a box in an Angel Grove warehouse, in order to help the Operation Overdrive Rangers regain their powers.

Significant Residents