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Alphabet Soup is a secret governmental think-tank in Universe Gamma that originally caused the creation of the Venjix virus.


Alphabet Soup was a morally corrupt, top-secret government facility in the 21st century that abducted young geniuses and utilized their various abilities for various military applications. The captured ingenues were deceived into believing they were allergic to the sun and thus could not leave the top secret facility.

When one of the young charges, Dr. K, discovered they were being lied to, she released the Venjix virus to bring down Alphabet Soup's defenses. However she was stopped before she could install a firewall to prevent it from spreading. Venjix rapidly swept throughout the world, eventually taking over the technology of mankind and destroying much of the free world, the Alphabet Soup facility included. Even during the facility's collapse, agents of the facility attempted to keep knowledge of the virus' origin by holding onto Dr. K, but were waylaid by other charges in the facility (Gem and Gemma) to help her escape.

It was restarted in the 22nd century for reasons not yet explained. President Winters was its head, and General Sauder was part of it. The Venturas twins served as new unwitting subjects. During the initial confrontation between the Twins and the Commandroids, it was revealed (to the reader at least) that Winters was indeed the current leader of Alphabet Soup. It suffered a severe blow in the Horizon War with the apparent death of Winters and the loss of a number of Commandroids, but returned to attack the UN building and send a missile strike towards Horizon. With Winters' subsequent absorption into Kalask's forces, and the capture of Agent Q, Alphabet Soup became once more defunct.

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